iPhone X

Will Apple continue with the iPad Pro or launch the iPad X?

iPhone X Symbol

Now that the iPhone 8 has been released and the iPhone X has been revealed some Apple fans are wondering what is next for the iPad. Apple typically releases new features for its iPhone models before adapting them to their iPad lineup. For example, the iPhone 5s launched with Touch ID before the iPad Air 2. This year Apple has added several new features to its iPhone lineup making fans wonder what new features will come to the next-generation iPad. Here's a quick look at a few of the more popular iPhone X features that could be adapted to the iPad.

Apple announces iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and more

iPhone X

Apple held its first major event at the Steve Jobs theater at the new Cupertino campus on Tuesday, September 12th. After a brief tribute to Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook and team introduced several new products including the redesigned iPhone X. Here's a brief look at all the hardware unveiled at the event.

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