iPad Notifications

How do I stop receiving notifications from Snapchat on my iPad?

Snapchat offers a lot of fun features but it's original purpose was to be able to send private messages and photos that disappear after a they have been viewed. Receiving banner Notifications from Snapchat can defeat the purpose of having a private conversation through the app. Luckily you can disable Notifications for any app on your iOS device by following these steps:

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How do I stop receiving Twitter/Facebook notifications on my iPad?

All third-party apps that feature Notifications will ask your permission to send them to your iPad or iPhone when they're originally installed to your device. Luckily you can disable Notifications from third-party apps if you grant them permission. Sometimes you may do this because it seemed like a good idea in the beginning, or you just accidentally hit Yes on the pop-up when using an app for the first time. Here's how to disable Notifications from any third-party app installed on your device:

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