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Fibaro announces multipurpose button with HomeKit support

The Button

Fibaro today announced The Button at CES 2018. The Button is similar to the Logitech Pop or Elgato’s Eve Button. It is a physical switch that allows users to perform different automation tasks. The Button can be placed anywhere in your household or work space, and be programmed to to perform up to six tasks, such as turning on the lights or opening your blinds.

New HomeKit-enabled smoke detector to double as AirPlay 2 music speaker

First Alert Safe and Sound

First Alert announced its new Safe & Sound smoke detector at CES 2018 on Monday. The smoke and carbon monoxide alarm not only sends alerts to your mobile device during an emergency, but it also doubles as a music speaker. The alarm will come equipped with built-in Alexa Voice services, plus it will support AirPlay 2 when it becomes availble.

AirPlay 2 will be available sometime in early 2018 when Apple's own smart speaker, HomePod, launches. First demoed at WWDC 2017, AirPlay 2 promises to deliver multi-room audio playback and improved playback performance compared to the current version.

The 'world's first real flame smart candle' is almost here


Have you ever wished you could use your iPhone to light a candle? Not turn on an electrical candle, but light a wax candle with an actual flame. Believe it or not, there is an app for that. Pre-orders are now being excepted for the "world's first real flame smart candle" called LuDela. At first glance the LuDela may look like an insane idea, but a smart candle is not as crazy as it sounds.

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