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How do I add my cable / satellite provider password on my iPad?

Apple's Single Sign-On feature allows you to sign in to your cable or satellite provider once across all devices, including Apple TV. Once signed in you will be able to access most, not all, supported video apps that your pay TV subscription includes. To activate SSO on your iPad you need to have iOS 10.0 or later installed, then navigate to Settings > TV Provider. From here you can located your provider and enter your information and password. If your provider is not available, try updating your device to the latest version of iOS.

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Reduce Motion disables iOS 10 message effects

iOS 10 Screen Effects

A lot of iPhone and iPad users were confused on Tuesday after installing iOS 10 on their devices. Not only did some users experience a brief issue while downloading iOS 10, but many could not access the new screen and bubble effects in the Messages app.

The main new features in iOS 10 are message effects. This includes the ability to send animated messages such as balloons or fireworks, the ability to add stickers to message bubbles and more. To send screen or bubble effects you must press and hold the new blue arrow that has replaced the Send button in the Messages app. Tapping and holding the arrow opens the "Send with effect" screen where you can select from a variety of animations to enhance you text messages. iOS users with the Reduce Motion slider enabled are not able to access this screen or see message animations.


Are you prepared for iOS 10?

iOS 10

iOS 10 is finally being released on Tuesday, September 13th after being in beta since mid-June. The updated software will introduce a variety of new features to supported devices. Apple previewed most of the new features in iOS 10 at WWDC 2016 earlier this year, and we've already discussed the pros and cons of installing iOS 10 on your iPad. Today we will help you prepare your device for the upcoming upgrade launching tomorrow.

Should I install iOS 10 on my iPad?

iOS 10 Teaser

The only people who should be concerned about installing iOS 10 when it is released in fall are those with older hardware or jailbroken devices. The lastest jailbreak tool only supports 64-bit devices running iOS 9.3.3. iPad and iPhone owners with jailbroken devices will need to avoid iOS 10 if they want to keep their jailbreak tweaks and apps installed.

iPad users with older devices, such as the iPad mini 2 or fourth-generation iPad, may want to hold off on updating to iOS 10. Even though the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s both support iOS 9, the devices can't take advantage of most of the new features. There were also reports that iOS 9 made the iPhone 4s and iPad sluggish, and there were a variety of bugs and issues with some of the later iOS 9 updates. However, Apple normally does a great job of quickly fixing all major and minor problems, like it did with the link crashing bug in iOS 9.3. There just wasn't much use to installing iOS 9.x on your iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and it did allegedly cause some users headaches.


How to install the iOS 10 beta on your iPad

iOS 10 Beta

As we have discussed before, there isn't a lot of iPad specific features included in iOS 10, but Apple did release the fist public beta last week. This means any iOS users with a compatible device and who is enrolled in the Apple Beta Software Program can now download an early version of the new operating system. The public beta not only allows Apple fans to test out new features before September, but users can also send Apple feedback to help engineers work out any bugs before the final public release. If you would like to give iOS 10 a test run, here's how:


How do I automatically convert text into emojis on my iPad?

To easily convert text into its corresponding emoji on your iPad or iPhone your device must be running iOS 10 or later. Once you have iOS 10 or later installed, just open your Messages app and type a message like normal. Once you message is finished, tap the globe icon to open the emoji keyboard, then tap any highlighted words to convert them into emoji. This only works with words that already have an emoji on the stock Apple keyboard. Once you have converted all the words into emojis, tap the blue arrow to send your message.

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How do I restore the slide to unlock option on my iPad?

iPad users running iOS 10 or later will no longer be required to "slide to unlock" their device. Instead users will need to push their Home button to access the Home screen of their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. This is because Apple has added additional features to the Home screen in iOS 10. Users will be able to swipe right on their Lock screen to access installed widgets, and swipe right to quickly access their Camera app. Previously users could swipe up on the bottom right hand corner of their Lock screen to access the Camera app.

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Video: How to use Safari split-view in iOS 10

The iPad is getting another multitasking feature in iOS 10 called "Safari Split View". The new feature is similar to the original Split View option introduced in iOS 9. Users with compatible iPad models running iOS 10 or later will be able to view two Safari windows side-by-side. 9to5Mac has uploaded a video to their YouTube channel demoing the new Safari Split View feature. You can watch it above.


New iPad features discovered in first iOS 10 beta

iOS 10 Keynote

Developers have had a few days with the first iOS 10 beta and they have discovered a ton of universal features not mentioned at the WWDC keynote on Monday. Cult of Mac and several other Apple blogs have published a list (see below) of all the unannounced features discovered this week hiding away in iOS 10. We previously noted that there were no "iPad-only" features included in the update, but we were wrong.



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