How do I send hearts on Periscope?

On Twitter's broadcasting app Periscope users can send hearts to the person streaming as a way of showing support. To send hearts during a live broadcast just tap your display as many times as you want. Hearts are counted and tallied at the end of a broadcast and added to a user's individual total on their profile to show how popular their channel is.

Hearts are like the Like button on Facebook, or the thumbs up and thumbs down voting system on YouTube.

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How do I search for live broadcasts on Periscope?

Twitter's free broadcasting app Periscope allows yout connect with people streaming live video from around the world. You can follow your favorite users or search for random broadcasts by tapping the blue people icon on the bottom right hand corner of the app, then by tapping the magnifying glass in the top left hand corner. From here you can select Broadcasts and type in the search term you would like to search for. This will bring up relevant live and previously recorded videos.

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