Vimeo now supports HDR videos for iPad Pro, iPhone X and Apple TV 4K

8-bit vs 10-bit

The video hosting service Vimeo today announced that users who shoot or master HDR footage can now upload those videos to give their viewers a color-optimized experience on supported platforms like select iOS devices. This makes Vimeo one of the first video streaming services to support High Dynamic Range videos across newer Apple hardware, such as the iPad Pro, iPhone X and Apple TV 4K.

"Our mission is to deliver creators, their videos, and their fans the highest quality video experience possible. That’s why today, we’re very excited to announce support for HDR videos on Vimeo. That means we can now bring over one billion colors to the screen, as we retain as much quality as possible for HDR uploads."


Vimeo iOS app adds picture in picture and split screen support


Vimeo updated its iOS app today with full iOS 9 support. The video sharing app now allows users to watch videos while using Apple's picture in picture and split screen modes.

With picture in picture iPad users will be able to watch videos on the Vimeo app while using other apps such as Safari to surf the web. Split screen performs the same function as picture in picture, but instead of displaying the video in a smaller window it will play side-by-side of the second app.

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