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How to save $20 on Apple Music, sign up for annual subscription

Apple Music Yearly Rate

Apple offers three monthly pricing plans for its music streaming service ($9.99/month, $14.99/family plan or $4.99/student), but TechCrunch has discovered a way to pay $99 for a year. Switching your account to an annual subscription will save you $20 in the long run.

To sign up for the yearly rate you need to subscribe to one of the existing tiers by opening your Music app and tapping the "Get all the music you want" banner. From here you can sign up for one of the three plans mentioned above. Once set up with your new account, navigate to Settings > Apple ID Subscriptions and choose Apple Music. You should now see an option to switch to the $99/year plan. Tap that option to switch your account.

Apple planning Music overhaul due to tepid response

Apple Music Revamp

After scrapping iTunes Radio and acquiring Beats music streaming service, Apple is once again going back to the drawing board to revamp Apple Music, according to Bloomberg. The iPhone maker plans to make its music streaming service "more intuitive to use" and better integrate its streaming and download businesses while expanding its online radio service. The overhaul comes after a tepid response from users, and after several key Apple Music executives left the company.

Free music streaming comes under fire at Grammys

Sonos Apple Music Commercial

Sonos officially rolled out Apple Music to all its current connected speakers on February 10, but the Apple Sonos collaboration didn't stop there. The two companies last night launched a new commercial promoting the Apple streaming service during the Grammys. The commercial promoting both Sonos speakers and Apple Music aired during the awards show where Recording Academy President Neil Portnow took the stage to attack free music streaming services like Spotify, according to The Verge.

"Isn't a song worth more than a penny?" Portnow said in refrence to the low payments artists receive from free tier streaming services. "Listen, we all love the convenience, and we support technologies like streaming, which connect us to that music. But we also have to make sure that artists grow up in a world where music is a viable career."

Apple Music coming to Sonos devices on December 15

Apple Music on Sonos

Music lovers will be able to test the new public beta of Apple Music on Sonos starting on December 15. Sonos and Apple announced their new partnership on Monday.

Apple Music subscribers will be able to stream their Apple Music library and favorite Apple Music features through Sonos smart speakers, such as the Play 5, after the beta is launched in December.

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