Showtime Streaming

Can I watch Showtime for free on my iPad?

No, but you can watch Showtime without a cable subscription for $10.99 a month using the free Showtime iOS app. The app with a paid account gives you unlimited on-demand access to original series, movies, documentaries and sports. The app also includes AirPlay support, a live option and closed captioning. Subscribers can also access the service through and Apple TV.

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Do I need a cable/satellite subscription to watch Showtime on my iPad?

No. Starting July 12, 2015 Showtime will offer an on-demand subscription service for $10.99 a month. iOS users will be able to sign up for the monthly subscription service without a cable or satellite subscription and access all Showtime content on their iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. The service will include on-demand access to sports, original programs, such as Masters of Sex, Dexter and more, documentaries, movies and comedy specials. You can learn more about the service at

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How much is Showtime streaming on the iPad?

Showtime's on-demand streaming service is available for $10.99 a month (starting July 12, 2015) on all Apple devices including the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. The service can also be accessed through Showtime's website once you create an account on your Apple device. The first 30-days of the service is free and gives users access to all Showtime content including original programming, sports, documentaries and more, without the need of a cable or satellite subscription.

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