Online Showtime subscription service now available for $10.99 per month


Showtime has given consumers one more reason to cut the cord by rolling out its own HBO NOW-like subscription service. iPad, iPhone and Apple TV users can now subscribe to the premium channel without a cable or satellite subscription. A subscription to Showtime is now $10.99 a month, and it offers access to original series, movies, documentaries and sports. The iOS app includes Airplay support, live access, closed captioning and more.

Showtime announces new online streaming service

Showtime Streaming iOS

As expected, Showtime has joined HBO in cutting the cord by officially announcing its own standalone streaming service. Anyone with an Apple device will be able to receive unlimited access to Showtime programming for only $10.99 a month, which is $4 cheaper than HBO NOW. The service will be available exclusively on iOS devices and Apple TV starting on July 12.

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