Why does my iPad keep switching to Cellular when I'm connected to a Wi-Fi network?

If your iPad keeps switching to a cellular connection even when you're using a Wi-Fi network it is probably because you have Wi-Fi Assist enabled. Wi-Fi Assist is a feature found in iOS 9 that allows your device to switch to a cellular network when your Wi-Fi network is poor. This is a great feature for when you're using a public Wi-Fi network or carrier/cable provider Wi-Fi hotspot. You can disable Wi-Fi Assist by navigating to Settings > Cellular and scrolling down until you see the Wi-Fi Assist slider. Tap the slider so it is WHITE / OFF.

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Can I use Wi-Fi with my iPad in airplane mode?

Airplane mode disables both Wi-Fi and your cellular connection on your iPad or iPhone, but you can easily reconnect your Wi-Fi while it is enabled. To enable Airplane mode just swipe up on your Home screen to open Control Center, then tap the airplane icon. Now tap the Wi-Fi symbol to turn your Wi-Fi back on.

Your iPad or iPhone will now use the Wi-Fi connection while keeping all cellular radios turned off.

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How do I check if my iPad is on the same Wi-Fi network as my iPhone?

In order to use the iOS 8.0 Continuity and Handoff features on your iPad for answering phone calls and sharing documents your tablet needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone. You can check your Wi-Fi connection on both your iPad and iPhone in the Settings app. To do so just open the Settings app on your device and tap the Wi-Fi panel located under the Airplane mode option.

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What is my iPad's IP address?

"IP" stands for Internet Protocol. Sometimes you need your iPad or iPhone's IP address when it is jailbroken and running OpenSSH. Your device needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for it to be assigned an IP address.

Here's how to locate your iOS device's IP Address:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Wi-Fi to find the Network your iPad is connected to. Your Network will appear in blue and have a check mark next to it.
2. Click the blue circle with arrow inside located in the same panel as your Network. This will give you a list of more information about your Wi-Fi Network.

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How can I fix iPad Wi-Fi problems?

Some iPad users are having problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Apple has acknowledged the problem and recommends the following steps to improve Wi-Fi performance using the iPad.

Problems reported include:

Inability to locate a nearby Wi-Fi network
Weak or low Wi-Fi signal strength
No access to the Internet (Safari will not load web pages)

The iPad features two Wi-Fi antennas located behind the Apple logo on the back of the unit. Before taking your iPad to the nearest Apple Store for further support, try the following:

1. Verify your Wi-Fi router is connected and turned on.

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