Find a PlayStation 4 With This iPad / iPhone App

The PlayStation 4 is already one of the most sought after items this year, and analysts are predicting that it may be sold out until 2014. However, some online shoppers are using a new iOS app to help them locate and buy the next-generation console before Christmas. The free whohas.it app allows users to track out of stock products so they can be alerted when they are back in stock. The service is easy to use, and it has already helped hundreds of shoppers purchase both the PS4 and Xbox One, plus other hard to find products, this year.

PlayStation 4 Stock Tracker

iPad and iPhone users can download the app for free from the Apple App Store, and Android users or people without smartphones can use the online service. You can get started by taking a few seconds to register for a free account, then navigate to the product page you want to follow, and just tap or click the "follow" button to start tracking that item. You can then choose to have whohas.it send you a mobile alert, email or desktop alarm when that product becomes available for pre-order or is back in stock.

New App Helps Holiday Shoppers Locate Hard to Find Items

Online scalpers are already taking advantage of holiday shoppers by offering sold out items such as the Nintendo Wii U and Call of Duty: Black Ops II Care Package for double the price on Amazon and eBay. The new shopping app whohas.it not only helps holiday shoppers avoid paying too much for popular gifts, but it also eases holiday shopping headaches by allowing consumers to easily obtain sold out or pre-release items.

Free iPad App' title=

Shoppers who are tired of running store to store in search of sold out items can now use the whohas.it app to do all the hard work for them. The app and website monitors thousands of web pages and retailer databases for product availability, and sends realtime notifications or email alerts to users when a product becomes available for pre-order or purchase. Users can use the app to track and compare prices for a variety of items like the rare Cotton Candy Furby, Skylanders Giants: Character Packs , cameras, electronics and more.

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