Vudu comes to Apple TV


Walmart's digital streaming service Vudu is now available on the Apple TV. Vudu supports Ultraviolet -- a service that allows users to download a free digital copies of participating movies on Blu-ray or DVD. Vudu members can also rent or purchase digital copies of hit movies and television shows, or watch some titles for free with commercials. Vudu is free to join and it is supported by most streaming and mobile devices, such as the PlayStation 4.

Walmart Brings Their Online Movie Streaming Service to the iPad, Closes MP3 Store

Walmart announced that they're closing their MP3 download store the same day they launched Vudu's movie streaming service for the iPad.

To avoid the restrictions of Apple's app store, the retail giant decided not to offer an iPad app. Instead the Vudu icon for your iPad home screen redirects you to the Vudu website, where you can rent or buy over 20,000 movies and watch them online. Rental prices start at $4 for standard definition to $6 for full high definition. I guess Walmart's low prices don't apply to the iPad. A copy of Beetlejuice goes for $9.99. You can probably find the same movie on DVD for $5 at a Walmart store, or stream it all month for the same price through Netflix.


Vudu also allows you to stream movies through other devices like Internet-capable HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players and the PlayStation 3.

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