Adobe Launches Free Video App to Help You 'Show Your Story'

Adobe has launched a new video app that offers an alternative to PowerPoint and supplies business owners with a way to create animated clips using text, video and audio to sell their services. The app called Adobe Voice is being described as a way to breathe "new life into static presentation formats".

Adobe Voice

The app seems mostly aimed at professionals and students, but it is also accessible to novice consumers who would like a free and easy way to create presentations. Users can use ready-made templates and easily share their creations on Facebook, Twitter or almost any mobile device.

Review: AirVideo for iPad (the Best $3 You'll Ever Spend)

You might have a lot of videos cataloged on your P.C.  Maybe you loaded your entire DVD collection into a massive hard drive or on your computer.  Maybe you are an evil pirate who is addicted to bit torrent. You have the entire series of lost, and you want to be able to analyze it frame by frame on your iPad so you can impress the ladies.  You have an iPad and can't be bothered to convert it to Apple friendly formats.  Or maybe you just don't want to use up precious memory space on your iPad.  Well you have a solution now!

air video for ipad review 1
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