Verizon iPad 2 Customers Receiving $50 Credit For Recall

Yesterday, the Apple Discussions forums were full of complaints about Verizon iPad 2 shipment delays. An Apple store employee said that Apple was recalling certain Verizon tablets based on serial numbers, and customers were being told by FedEx that their iPads were being rerouted to China mid-shipment.

"The exact same thing happened to me today. Shipped from China and arrived a few towns over from me, then it was 'returned to sender.' I called FedEx, was told that Apple instructed the iPad be returned to them."

ipad 3.1

9to5Mac has learned that some customers are being told they will receive a credit for the inconvenience. A 9to5Mac reader claims they were offered $50 or a free Apple accessory, and that their iPad 2 would be sent back to them.

Original iPad Prices Slashed at Verizon Stores

Verizon corporate stores have reduced prices on the Wi-Fi only first generation iPad, offering the 16GB iPad 1 for only $299.99. The news comes as AT&T continues to slash prices on the iPad 3G and has already sold out of the 32GB model online. Retailers are clearly trying to unload old inventory as iPad 2 supplies slowly increase across the country.

Apple original iPad Verizon discounts

Verizon Wireless began offering the Wi-Fi only iPad along with a MiFi data bundle late last year. According to reports, no contract is required to take advantage of the new pricing, and the deal is available in corporate stores nationwide.

Verizon iPad (No MiFi) Coming Soon!

Great news is here for those interested in using an iPad on the Verizon network. Apple is producing iPads with components that will make it possible to use these devices directly on Verizon's cellular data network. In a clear sign that no exclusive iPad deal with AT&T exists, Verizon Communications CFO Francis Shammo told Bloomberg the Verizon iPad was coming soon.

Apple iPad Verizon network CDMA

No timeframe or pricing was given, however the iPhone 4 is scheduled to arrive on Verizon's network as early as February 3. Also unclear is whether or not the Verizon iPad will use the company's current CDMA network or launch with LTE capability.

Verizon iPad Bundle Saves on MiFi Data

Now that Verizon Wireless will start selling the iPad next week, subscribers can take advantage of special data rates on the company's 3G cellular data network. In order to qualify for the special month-to-month data plans, Verizon customers must purchase the iPad and MiFi promotional bundle. Those who already have MiFi units will not be eligible for the iPad data plans.

Apple iPad MiFi Verizon Wireless

The MiFi creates a portable Wi-Fi hotspot wherever Verizon's cellular data network has service, and can be powered via USB or with the included four-hour lithium battery. Up to five Wi-Fi devices can be connected to the MiFi within 25 feet of the device. Verizon will sell the Wi-Fi only version of the Apple iPad since the iPad 3G hardware is only compatible with the AT&T network.

DIY: Connect Your iPad to Verizon Wireless

Looking for a faster connection? AT&T on the iPad got you down? All you need is an expendable Verizon Wireless MiFi and some electronics know-how to mod your iPad. You can kiss your warranty goodbye but in exchange your iPad will achieve download speeds six times faster than 3G and act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices.

Apple iPad Verizon Wireless

The modified iPad featured in this Dish Network Blog actually connects to the Verizon network via the MiFi's Wi-Fi signal, not by accessing the cellular data network directly. The MiFi internals are mounted inside the iPad frame, although this required removal of half the speaker resonating chamber.


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