Valiant Hearts: The Great War Coming to iOS on September 4th

Ubisoft announced that the console game Valiant Hearts: The Great War is coming to iOS devices on September 4, 2014. The game is a puzzle adventure title that follows a German soldier named Karl and his wife Emile in World War I. Emile must team up with Freddy, an American volunteer in the French army, and Anna, a Belgian student, to take down the German leader Baron Von Dorf.

The game was partly inspired by "letters and postcards of Félix Chazal, a French solider and great-grandfather to Yoan Fanise, a Valiant Hearts producer at Ubisoft Montpelier," according to Touch Arcade. The letters are featured in the game along with real-world facts about the Great War. Valiant Hearts is also powered by Ubisoft 's UbiArt Framework game engine.

Ubisoft Bringing Popular PC Game 'Anno' to the iPad

When used in the same sentence, the words "free-to-play" and "resource management" normally raise a few red flags, and that's basically what Ubisoft did on its official blog on Tuesday. Ubisoft announced that it is collaborating with Mi’pu’mi Games to bring the popular 1998 PC title Anno to the iPad.

Anno: Build an Empire

The iPad version called Anno: Build an Empire is being built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices. The game is a lot like other resource management title, like Sim City, where you're tasked with building an empire while starting from nothing. Players must build homes, taverns and other useful buildings to keep their peasants safe, happy and and prosperous.

Assassin's Creed Pirates Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Pirates is now available for iOS devices. The new Assasin's Creed mobile title allows users to play as the upstart pirate Alonzo Batilla as he tries to build his own pirate empire. The game features real-time naval battles, changing weather conditions, a vast array of islands to explore, and over 50 story and side missions.

Assassin's Creed Pirates

Players are tasked with building and upgrading their pirate ship, hiring and managing their ship's crew while trying to uncover truth about La Buse’s mysterious lost treasure. The game also includes the most legendary pirates of the era, including Sam Bellamy, Ben Hornigold and Blackbeard.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame Remake is Coming to Mobile Devices in July

Ubisoft has announced that the Prince of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame remake is coming to iOS and Android devices on July 25. The team of developers behind the remake released a video diary chronicling what it took to update the classic 1993 game for mobile devices. Akshay Paul, Product Manager of The Shadow and The Flame, described the game as an "easy to handle but challenging to master" version for touchscreens.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and The Flame

Some fans are already questioning why Ubisoft decided to remake the game instead of releasing a new version for PCs and consoles. The consensus seems to be that the Prince of Persia franchise won't be able to compete with Assassin's Creed. However, porting retro games to mobile devices is currently a popular trend with game publishers.

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