Twitter announces new Threads feature for publishing multiple tweets

Add Tweets Button

Twitter on Tuesday announced a new feature that will make it easier to thread tweets together to compose longer thoughts on the microblogging site. Twitter will begin rolling out a new "Add another tweet" and "Show this thread” buttons to the composer in the next coming week. The new buttons will allow users to string together multiple tweets to make easier to follow threads.

Twitter launches new Dashboard app for businesses

Twitter Dashboard

Twitter has launched a new iOS app today to help businesses better manage their accounts. Twitter Dashboard is available as a free download on the Apple App Store for iOS devices or as a web tool at

The Dashboard web client and app allows users to easily set up a customized feed to track all Twitter mentions about their business. Users can filter their mentions by keywords, and easily interact from the dashboard with previous tweets. The idea of the customized feed is to help businesses view how people are talking about them on the social network.

Twitter announces new rules to 140 character limit

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Edit button? Nope. Twitter did not roll out the number one user requested feature, instead today the company announced that images, GIFs, videos and replies would no longer count towards a user's 140 charcater limit. Over the years Twitter has introduced a variety of new features that has allowed users to share their thoughts in more than just words, but every image or video attached to a tweet currently counts against the character limit. This is a problem in a crowded social media world where using an image, or clever GIF is almost mandatory to get your tweets noticed.

How do I stop receiving direct message from people I don't know on Twitter?

You can easily cut down on the amount of Spam messages you receive on Twitter by following these steps. Unfortunately there really nothing you can do about people creating fake / sock puppet accounts to send you harassing messages, besides blocking those individual accounts. Here's how to stop receiving direct message from people you don't know using the iOS app:

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How do I protect my tweets on the Twitter iOS app?

One way to keep your Twitter account and tweets private is to enable the protected tweet option. This will make your tweets visible to only your current followers and people you approve. You can do this from your iPad, iPhone or computer. Here's how:

1. Open the Twitter app on your iPad or iPhone.
2. Click the "Me" icon in the lower-right hand corner.
3. Click the Gear icon.
4. Click "Settings" from the pop up box.
5. Under Accounts tap the account you want to make private.
6. Under Privacy tap the "Protect my Tweets" slider so it is ON/GREEN.

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How do I disable Twitter autoplay videos on my iPad?

Twitter started rolling out autoplay videos to its iOS app on June, 16, 2015. This means all animated GIFs, Vines, and videos will automatically play when you scroll through your Twitter feed. This isn't only annoying, but it can also eat up your data plan when you're not using a Wi-Fi connection. Here's how to disable autoplay videos when using the iOS app:

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Twitter is Testing Auto-Play Videos on the iPad and iPhone

Twitter has taken a page from Facebook's playbook by beginning to test auto-play videos in its iPad and iPhone apps.

"We're running a small test on a few variations on the video playback experience," a Twitter spokesman confirmed in an email statement to Ad Age.

Twitter iPad iCon

This means some iPad and iPhone users may experience videos automatically playing in their news feed when using the Twitter iOS app. The auto-play videos are being tested on promoted ads, clips that are part of Twitter's Amplify program for advertisers and videos being directly uploaded by users. Videos shared from Twitter's Vine app will not play automatically and will still require users to launch them.

How to Update Your iPad Contacts Using Facebook or Twitter

Keeping your Contacts current on your iOS device can be tedious, but luckily there is a quick way to update all of them by using Facebook or Twitter. Apple has made it easy to add the information your friends and family have listed on both social media sites to their contact cards on your iPad or iPhone. To do this you will of course need the free Facebook and Twitter apps installed on your device. You will also need to be logged in to your account and give Facebook and Twitter access to your Contacts.

Update iPad Contacts

This will also create new contact cards for anyone not listed in your Contacts app, and it will automatically use a person's Facebook photo as their profile photo on your device. This is not recommended for people who have a lot of online friends they do not want listed on their iPad and iPhone.

Twitter Considering Buying SoundCloud, YouTube Wants Twitch

There is a whole lot of buying going on in the tech industry right now. According to multiple reports, Twitter is considering a deal to buy SoundCloud, and the Google-owned YouTube is close to acquiring Twitch. SoundCloud is a free music and audio-sharing service with over 250 million users. The proposed acquisition comes after Twitter shuddered its own failed #Music app in April. Twitter hopes the addition of SoundCloud will help the company take advantage of users who share music on the microblogging service and enable it to grow its user base.


Meanwhile, YouTube has set its sights on the live-streaming service Twitch. According to inside sources, YouTube has outbid several companies such as Microsoft and is close to acquiring Twitch for $1 billion. If the deal goes through, YouTube will own one of the most popular video game streaming services with over 1 million users. Variety claims the deal is "expected to be announced imminently," but according to The Wall Street Journal the "talks are at an early stage, and a deal isn't imminent".

John Legere Hints at Possible T-Mobile iPad Release via Twitter

Back in August, T-Mobile CEO John Legere told AllThingsD that the carrier was looking forward to carrying a "whole array of Apple products" in the future. At the time most people thought Legere was just referring to the unreleased iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, but some speculated that the CEO was also talking about the iPad, and it looks like those people were right.

T-Mobile iPad

Legere recently tweeted a link to an article about Apple's upcoming iPad event being held on October 22. Apple is expected to announce the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Tuesday, and Legere's tweet seems to suggest that T-Mobile will carry the next-generation tablets.


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