Third Generation iPad

Apple Responds to iPad 3 Overcharging Rumors

Apple confirmed today that "overcharging" the new iPad will not destroy the device. CNBC’s John Fortt and other Apple blogs previously reported that charging your new iPad after the screen indicates 100% "could harm the longevity of the battery." Apple told AllThingsD that the iPad 3 does display a 100% charge before reaching maximum capacity, but added that all Apple devices do this.

iPad 3 battery overcharge

Apple VP Michael Tchao said that the new iPad will continue to charge to 100% before discharging a small amount. The device will then repeat this process until it's unplugged. “That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like,” Tchao said. “It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS.”

iPad 3 Owners Complaining About Wi-Fi Reception Failure

The Apple support forums are filling up with complaints about yellow iPad 3 displays, overheating devices and now Wi-Fi reception problems. The newest complaint thread reveals that some iPad 3 owners are experiencing a variety of wireless connection failures.

iPad 3

Some users claim replacement devices have solved the problem while others claim they have not. It's unknown if the problem is person-to-person or hardware related. Hopefully it's just a rehash of the original iPad's Wi-Fi woes which Apple fixed with a simple firmware update.

iPad Overheating Controversy Not Over... Just Beginning!

Apple claims the new iPad is “operating well within thermal specifications," but that hasn't stopped the complaints about iPads "overheating" from piling up. Early today the Dutch website conducted a 5-minute GL benchmark on both the iPad 2 and 3. Their results showed that the new iPad reached 92.5 Fahrenheit (33.6 degrees Celsius), which is well within Apple's listed operating requirements.

iPad 3

Consumer Reports ran their own test which revealed that the iPad 3 "can run significantly hotter than the earlier iPad 2 model when running an action game." The new iPad reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit while playing Infinity Blade II. This is much higher than Apple's official listed operating temperature of 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 degrees Celsius).

New iPad Hotter Than the iPad 2, but Not Overheating

A Dutch website decided to conduct a little experiment after complaints about the new iPad overheating started piling up on random Apple forums. (translated) discovered that the lower left corner of the iPad 3 reaches 92.5 Fahrenheit (33.6 degrees Celsius), compared to the iPad 2 which reaches 83 Fahrenheit (28.3 degrees Celsius). According to Apple's specifications the iPad 3's official operating temperature is 32-95 degrees Fahrenheit (0-35 degrees Celsius).

iPad 2

First iPad 3 Complaint: New iPad Getting too Hot to Hold?

In an early iPad 3 review TechCrunch noted that the new iPad takes longer to charge and heats up after prolonged use.

"One other slight downside which I have to assume is related to either the battery or the LTE functionality is that unlike previous iPad models, the new iPad does get noticeably warm in the lower left corner after prolonged use. "

The reviewer made it clear that the iPad only gets warm, not hot, but some iPad 3 owners are already complaining that the tablet is getting too uncomfortable to hold while watching movies or playing games.

iPad 3 Battery

A thread on the MacRumor forums seems to confirm that the iPad 3 is warming up in the lower left corner when used for an extended amount of time. Some believe this is due to the 4G LTE, or the stronger battery Apple added to handle the power hungry iPad 3 features.

AT&T SIM card Works With Verizon iPad

A MacRumors reader discovered that his AT&T micro-SIM works in his Verizon iPad 3. The Verizon iPad LTE bands do not support AT&T’s 4G. This means that the Verizon iPad will be limited to AT&T's slower non-LTE EDGE and 3G bands when using an AT&T card.

iPad 3

"I was one of the first to obtain a Verizon iPad and can happily confirm that this is allowed! I used my ATT iPhone 4S sim card and took out the Verizon sim, and data worked! You must apply the AT&T APN carrier settings before this works though." - via MacRumors

Three Different Jailbreaks Confirmed for the Third iPad

Friday was a busy day for the jailbreak community. Dev Team member MuscleNerd tweeted a picture of a jailbroken iPad 3 running Cydia 1.1.5. Hacker i0n1c showcased his untethered jailbreak on YouTube (see below), and Chpwn also tweeted pictures of a jailbroken third generation iPad.

iPad 3

Even though this seems like some kind of jailbreaking record, it could be a few weeks before we see a public release. MuscleNerd said there was "no ETA" for his jailbreak, and i0n1c and Chpwn have been pretty silent as well. The Dev Team also warned iPad 3 owners not to upgrade the iOS version their iPad shipped with if they want to jailbreak their device in the future.

New iPad Already Jailbroken

Dev Team member MuscleNerd just tweeted a picture of an iPad 3 running Cydia 1.1.5. While this proves that the new iPad can be jailbroken, it does not mean that there is a new jailbreak right around the corner. It could still take a few months before anything is finalized and it's made public. The screenshot below shows a jailbroken third generation iPad running iOS 5.1. MuscleNerd wrote: "Just a first step, still lots of work to do! No ETA!"

iPad 3

Earlier today we told you that the Dev Team and a few other iOS hackers were working on finding vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1. Pod2g, i0n1c and an unnamed person "close to the Cydia repo scene" have been looking into various unrelated methods to jailbreak Apple's new tablet. The Dev Team also warned new iPad owners not to update its firmware if they want to jailbreak their device in the future.

Great Apps for the New iPad

Apple created a new section in the iTunes App Store called "Great Apps for the New iPad." It features some of Apple's favorite applications that are compatible with the third generation iPad's new Retina display. If you bought a new iPad and own already own some of these apps, you should upgrade to the newest versions. This is also a great resource for first time iPad buyers who are new to the App Store.

iPad 3 Apps

The Kindle and Twitter apps have also been updated with high-resolution graphics for the new Retina display. Read on for Apple's complete list of iPad 3 compatible apps.

Jailbreak Community Working Hard on iPad 3

Now that the iPad 3 is officially available the next big question is: "When will it be jailbroken?" Luckily the Dev Team and a few other developers are already working on a solution. Yesterday iOS hacker i0n1c, posted several pictures of a jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 5.1. On Friday, the Dev Team said i0n1c is using a completely unrelated method to the one they're working on.

iPad 3 Jailbroken

The Dev Team wrote on their blog that "the method used to jailbreak the iPad 2 four months ago (before corona) still works even in 5.1." This is an important step in the right direction since it allows the Dev Team to get their hands on the required kernel dumps on the iPad 3. The Dev Team added that someone "close to the Cydia repo scene" is working on an entirely new jailbreak method, and pod2g is also working on finding vulnerabilities in 5.1. That's four possible chances that there will be a new jailbreak soon.


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