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Fling Analog iPad Joystick Now Available in Apple Retail Stores

You may remember the Fling iPad controller revealed at CES 2011 earlier this year. Well the product is here, and not only this but it's available at Apple Stores everywhere. Ten One Design also sells the Fling analog joystick for iPad on their website for $19.95. Purchase two and you get a $10 discount, bringing the price for dual-handed iPad control to $29.95.

Apple iPad Accessory Ten One Design Fling touch joystick

The concept is really simple and has already received rave reviews including Macworld's Best of Show for 2011. The Fling is clear plastic, so it doesn't interrupt the visuals of the game you're playing on the iPad screen. The joystick uses suction cups to attach to the glass above in-game touch control areas, converting them into a real, tactile controller.

CES 2011: iPad Gamers Get Real Joystick With Fling

Ten One Design is known for its iPad stylus, the Pogo Sketch. Now they've added a whole new accessory to their arsenal, an actual touch joystick. This simple unit attaches directly to the iPad screen with suction cups.

Apple iPad Accessory Ten One Design Fling touch joystick

You can place the Fling anywhere a directional controller is required, and it instantly makes a physical joystick to enhance iPad gaming. Made of clear plastic, the Fling tactile game controller even comes in discount packages of two.

Ten One Design Demos Pressure-Sensitive iPad Drawing

Ten One Design has developed some interesting software to simulate a pressure-sensitive screen on the iPad. The app works by measuring distance between the touch screen and a capacitive tip such as that found on the Pogo Sketch stylus.

In this demo video, different line widths are drawn by the same stylus, while finger and hand touches are masked out. This makes it possible to write on the iPad just like a notebook, even while resting your hand on the screen.

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