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Flash Works on the iPad Thanks to Frash

Yes, Frash. This software makes it possible to run Adobe Flash on a jailbroken iPad. Comex has demonstrated his latest creation with a YouTube video showing a sample of Flash animations and games running on the iPad. Frash is a port of the Adobe Flash runtime for Android to the iPad.

Apple iPad Flash Player Frash

Flash programs run natively in the Safari browser, and a crash in the plug-in doesn't affect the browser thanks to the way it's set up. Comex has made the source code available and plans to release the software when a stable version is complete.

Spirit One-Click iPad Jailbreak Available Now

Just four short weeks after the iPad launch, developer @comex has released the much-hyped Spirit untethered jailbreak. With a single click, Spirit will jailbreak any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running firmware 3.1.x or 3.2.

Apple iPad Spirit Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.2 Comex

As previously reported, Spirit is a userland jailbreak, the first of its kind since iPhone OS 1.x. This type of jailbreak is effective and easy to use, however Apple can easily patch whatever security vulnerability is used by Spirit. The software does not include an unlock to allow the iPad to be used on a different wireless carrier than AT&T.

Spirit Jailbreak Works on iPad 3G, Release Coming Soon (Video)

As we reported way back on April 4, less than 24 hours after the release of the iPad WiFi-only model, @comex's "Spirit" jailbreak was demonstrated successfully jailbreaking the iPad WiFi by The iPhone Dev Team's musclenerd. Unsurprisingly, due to the fact that the iPad 3G runs the same OS as the iPad WiFi, the Spirit jailbreak has now been demonstrated jailbreaking the iPad 3G. Watch the video below to see the demo.

ipad 3g spirit jailbreak

The iPad and iPhone community is expecting the Spirit jailbreak to be released by its creator, @comex, relatively soon. The iPhone Dev Team recently confirmed on their blog that the release of Spirit would happen after the iPad 3G was "in customers' hands", though exactly how soon after remains unknown.

iPad Jailbreak Completed in Less Than 24 Hours

Well, that didn't take long. The iPad is now officially jailbroken on its first day in the wild. Approximately one hour ago, iPhone Dev Team member musclenerd, posted on his Twitter account that a port of the "Spirit" jailbreak developed by comex had been ported to the iPad.

ipad jailbreak musclenerd

Musclenerd's tweet read "http://is.gd/beaVL initial porting of "Spirit" jailbreak by @comex to iPad", the link pointing to a picture providing rough visual evidence of the jailbreak. Musclenerd has since updated his Twitter account with links to a video showing more of the jailbreak (view the video below).

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