Review: Proporta Mizu Shell iPad Case

We took a close look at the Proporta Mizu Shell to see how it performed on the iPad. The case is designed to look sleek and remain on the iPad at all times. The silicone and crystal material combination puts this case somewhere in the middle between a hard and soft case.

Apple iPad Accessories Proporta Mizu Shell Review 1

Packaging is minimal, with just a paper sleeve describing the product. The inside of the Mizu Shell is a flat matte finish, while the outside is polished and shiny. A narrow rim around the outside of the case has cutouts for ports, switches and depressions for buttons.

Review: Proporta Maya II Sleeve for iPad

Some people like naked iPad use. Who can blame them. Apple did a great job designing this thing. It is quite aesthetically pleasing. It is sleek and thin, just like the commercial says it is. I used to think naked iPad use was a bad idea. Lately, I have softened on that position. I can see the appeal of using it that way. But, unless you are an independently wealthy individual, you want to protect it.

proporta maya II sleeve review 1

On a side note, that iPad commercial where the crazy girl is carrying her iPad naked while riding on the back of a scooter drives me crazy. That is totally irresponsible and stupid. I mean she isn't even carrying it with two hands. That sleek and thin aluminum would slide out of her hands. Then it is bye bye to at least $500.00. I mean who is really going to do that? Paris Hilton, one of those Kardashian chicks, or maybe some other annoying woman who has a show on VH1 or something. Well the rest of us who use the iPad naked need a more practical solution.

Proporta Patent Leather Case

Proporta's Patent Leather Case is handcrafted with the softest patent leather and custom designed to fit the Apple iPad. Ports and buttons are accessible thanks to cut outs and a secure attachment system keeps the iPad in place. An internal document pouch and stylus holder complement the soft feel inner lining and contrast overstitching. The Patent Leather Case is available in black with a magnetic clasp closure for $47.95.


Proporta Leather Case

The Leather Case from Proporta is handcrafted from the finest quality leather in black with a cream pinstripe lining. An interior document pouch holds papers and notes, while cut outs provide access to all ports and buttons. The Leather Case protects the iPad from scratches and impacts and folds out into a portable stand for easy viewing. Custom fitting and a secure closure system keep the iPad safe inside the Leather Case for $47.95.


Proporta Tilt Stand

Proporta's Tilt Stand not only protects the iPad from impacts with a tough polycarbonate plastic shell, it also comes with a built-in stand that folds up seamlessly into the streamlined case. The stand can be used in landscape or portrait orientation and provides a variety of adjustable angles for typing or viewing content. The Tilt Stand is available for pre-order at $51.95.

Proporta Maya II Pouch

The Maya II Pouch from Proporta is handcrafted in leather alternative with a soft lining to protect the iPad from scratches and bumps. The Maya II runs $29.95 and comes in several different color combinations. Proporta designed this case to fit easily inside a larger handbag or backpack. The white Maya II features red and black stripes in the corner. Black or pink versions are available with or without white and black stripes.



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