Platform Jacket

Review: M-EDGE Platform Jacket for iPad

The iPad and the seemingly never ending quest for the perfect case continue to occupy my time. Hard shell or just scratch guard? Rubber or leather? Some may find this to be a daunting and tedious task. I do not. I am not ashamed to admit to be being a bit of a geek. I mean I spent last weekend installing Linux on an old desk top computer. I had never tried Linux before and was really looking forward to checking it out . I had a great weekend doing it and really enjoyed playing around with it. By the way, I recommend anyone with an older computer they are thinking of retiring try this. The newer versions are surprisingly easy to use and you don’t have to be a total nerd to use it. It reinvigorated my old, formerly Windows, machine. Anyway, when I told some people at work about it, most gave me funny and confused looks. One girl even asked, “What was fun about that?”

M-EDGE Platform Jacket Review

Well the quest continues today as we take a look at the Platform Jacket. M-Edge makes cases for everything. That is their business, so I was excited to review this offering.

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