New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: South Park and More

South Park: Phone Destroyer

South Park: Phone Destroyer is now available on the Apple App Store. Phone Destroyer is a free-to-play card collecting title where you design your own character to compete in 1v1 battles. Players use different cards to summon characters from the show and cast spells to attack their opponent. The game features a single player campaign written in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios, real-time PvP battles, the ability to design your own character, and tons of characters and references to the show.

Rome: Total War Collection now available for iPad

Rome: Total War

All three Rome: Total War titles have been released individually to the App Store, but today Feral Interactive has added the Rome: Total War Collection as an option. The Collection allows you to get all three Total War titles for one price. It also cheaper to buy the collection than buying all three titles individually.

For $16.99 Rome: Total War Collection includes Total War, Barbarian Invasion, and Alexander. While it's only $3 in savings, $17 is a good price for three decent strategy games for the iPad.

Target Black Friday: iPad $249, 10.5-inch iPad Pro starting at $529

Target Black Friday 2017

Black Friday is only a few weeks away which means hundreds of retailers will soon be releasing their ads with tons of deals. The first big retailer out of the gate is Target. The big box retailer has just released a 36-page circular with deals on everything you can imagine, including Apple products.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Final Fantasy Dimensions 2


Oh Square Enix, why can't any of your sequels ever make any sense? Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 landed on the App Store this week, but it has nothing to do with the original Final Fantasy Dimensions. Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 is actually a US remake of the Japanese social RPG called Final Fantasy Legends. But FFD2 is a premium title, unlike FFD which is free. I'm going to guess this is why FFD2 has a 3-star rating, while FFD has manged a overall rating of 4-stars. If you want to check out Final Fantasy Dimensions 2 and don't care it is now a direct sequel, then it is available for $14.99 on the App Store.

Apple nixes iPad camera button

iPad Camera Button

Astro HQ announced on Tuesday that Apple rejected the latest version of its drawing app that contained a new "Camera Button." The developers of Astropad and Luna Display added a feature that transformed the front-facing camera of the iPad into a button that opened a menu shortcut within both applications.

Apple rejected Astropad Studio citing Section 2.5.9 of its App Review Guidelines. This section refers to not altering standard device switches.

Stranger Things gets an update on the App Store

Stranger Things iOS

Originally slated for October 31st, the second season of the Netflix original series Stranger Things launched a few days early, pitting it against the previous king of Halloween weekend, Jigsaw. The 8th film in the Saw series came in just a bit behind expectations at the box office, but it still managed to nab the number one spot of the weekend dethroning Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. It is unclear if the early launch of Stranger Things affected Jigsaw's return to theaters, or if the series just doesn't pack the same box office punch as it did in the past. While Saw and Stranger Things battled for eyeballs this weekend, the Strangers Things iOS game also received an update.

New iOS Games and Apps of the Week: Halloween Edition

Turn Undead: Monster Hunter

It's Halloween weekend and plenty of horror themed games have hit the App Store this week, but before we look at the newest Halloween titles, here are some other noteworthy games now available for the iPad.

Slitherine released the nation building strategy game Afghanistan '11 to the iPad. Unlike other war simulations where the goal is typically to crush your enemy, your mission in Afghanistan '11 is to win the trust of local villagers by providing security and keeping up morale at home. Afghanistan '11 is available for the iPad for $19.99.

Post-apocalyptic management game 'Sheltered' comes to the App Store


The post-apocalyptic management game Sheltered is now available on the Apple App store for all compatible iOS devices. Developed by Sonny Meek and Dean Foster and published by Worms developer Team17, Sheltered is a deep survival game released to Steam in March 2016. In the game players must look after a family who have discovered an underground fallout shelter after the end of the world. In order to survive, players need to search for supplies in the vast unforgiving wasteland full of feral beasts.


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