Netflix adds offline viewing option to mobile app

Netflix has added the ability to download select movies and series for offline viewing to its iOS and Android apps. iPhone and iPad users worldwide will soon be able to download movies and television series to watch while on the go or in places without an internet connection.

Netflix said customers have requested to ability to watch shows and movies "while on airplanes and other places where internet is expensive or limited."

How to Make Netflix Recommendations on Facebook Without Being Too Annoying

Companies love to add social sharing to their apps for one reason, free advertising, but the truth is nobody pays attention to their friends' automated posts from Candy Crush or other apps. Netflix obviously understands how annoying over sharing on social media has become, and has created a new way for friends and family to make movie suggestions without annoying everyone else.

Netflix Social Recommendation

The movie streaming company today announced a new social recommendation feature that allows members to share movie suggestions on Facebook privately. Here's how it works... After watching a movie you will have the option to log into your Facebook account to find friends who may also enjoy what you have just watched. After signing in, you will be able to select your friends based on their profile photos and send them the suggestion. Friends who do not have their Facebook connected to their Netflix account will receive the recommendation as a private message instead of a post on their wall.

Netflix Launches Annoying Talking Recommendation Engine to Help You Pick a Movie

Netflix has begun rolling out a Siri-like recommendation engine to PlayStation 3 consoles in an effort to make choosing the right movie easier. The new Netflix guide dubbed "Max," utilizes a person's viewing history, how they rated other films, and how long they have watched certain films to make suggestions. Users can aid Max by participating in "games", like rating films using Netflix's familiar five star scale, or picking from odd categories like "Tortured Geniuses". Users can also play the "Celebrity Mood" game where Max suggests two polar opposite actors. The user selects what actor or actress they are in the mood to watch, and Max suggests a TV show or film starring that person.

Once Max makes a viewing suggestion, users have the ability to ask for a new movie, listen to Max's "30-Second Pitch," or watch the movie Max has chosen. You can see from the video above, that Max just seems like an annoying new way to spend hours surfing Netflix's movie database. However, Netflix believes its new algorithm will be able to read your mind, and pick the movies you actually want to see. The best sounding part about Max is that he eventually gets buried at the bottom of your screen if you do not use him.

Netflix Finally Releases Promised iPad Update

It only took about a month, but Netflix finally released its updated interface for the iPad. Originally launched on Android tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire, Netflix version 2.0 offers a better experience while browsing and selecting movies.


The new interface displays twice as many movies than the old interface did, and addresses stability issues. Version 2.0 is available for devices running iOS 5.0 in Latin America, the U.S. and Canada. The app is free to download, but requires a monthly fee to access Netflix's streaming services.

Netflix Promises New iPad App in a Few Weeks

Netflix rolled out an improved Android app today, and promised iPad owners would be getting the same “new tablet experience" in a few weeks. The app's release coincides with the launch of the Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet. The new app aims to offer a better experience while browsing and selecting movies. The movies will feature larger artwork making it easier to swipe through using the iPad's touch screen interface.


Neil Hunt, chief product officer at Netflix, said "the new Netflix interface offers a significant improvement in browsing and searching for TV shows and movies to instantly watch."

Netflix iPad App Now Supports Video Out

Apple's iPad dock connector to VGA adapter just became more useful. Netflix has issued an update to its popular video streaming application that adds the software to a list of apps permitted to send video through the adapter to other screens.

Apple iPad Netflix app

Video coming out of a VGA, component, or composite iPad dongle can be hooked up to an external monitor, video projector, or television. Maximum resolution of the picture is 1024 x 768 using the optional $29 dock connector to VGA adapter.

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