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How do I scroll up and down in a text box using Safari on the iPad?

Dragging up or down with one finger will scroll an entire web page in Mobile Safari. When editing or entering text in a text box on a website, for example in a forum post or blog entry, scroll bars do not appear on the iPad.

To scroll within the text box drag with two fingers in the direction you want to scroll. This will scroll the form field contents only, while the web page remains still.

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Windows Live Hotmail to Get iPad Fix

Microsoft and Apple are working together to come up with a solution for problems with Hotmail's web interface in Mobile Safari on the iPad. Users have been experiencing issues composing mail or replying to messages when logged into their Hotmail account on the web.

Apple iPad Microsoft Hotmail

Safari browsers have frozen up entirely on some iPad owners accessing Hotmail. Until the problem is tracked down and resolved, Microsoft had been redirecting iPad users to a mobile version of the Hotmail web site. The problems are said to be affecting a limited number of iPad users.

How can I search for / find text in a web page on the iPad / Mobile Safari?

Though the search / find text in page equivalent of Cmd-F or Ctrl-F isn't a native feature of Safari on the iPad, that doesn't mean this functionality can't be added to the iPad with relative ease.

Through the addition of a bookmarket (a javascript bookmark), you can add the ability to search for / find text within a page in the iPad's Mobile Safari browser.

Here's how (do all of this directly on your iPad):

1) copy the following block of text:

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How can I create bookmark folders in Safari on the iPad?

To help organize your bookmarks, create folders in Mobile Safari. The feature is hidden on the iPad but here's the procedure:

1. In Safari, touch the Bookmarks button (this icon looks like the outline of a book at the top of the screen).

2. After the Bookmarks window appears touch Edit on the upper right.

3. The New Folder button will appear on the upper left.

4. Enter the title of the new folder you wish to create and select the folder to place the new folder within.

5. Touch Bookmarks and touch Done. Your folder will appear in the list of bookmarks.

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Apple Asks: Is Your Website iPad Ready?

The ongoing drama between Apple and Adobe over the Flash plug-in just took another turn, with Apple revealing a new page titled "iPad Ready." The addition to Apple's iPad web pages provides a list of websites that are HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript compliant (read: non-Flash) and invites others to submit their iPad-ready URL for inclusion on the list.

Apple iPad Safari HTML5 Flash

Besides listing popular web portals such as CNN, NY Times, Vimeo, Flickr, MLB, People Magazine, and others, Apple provides a link to Technical Note TN2262, "Preparing your Web Content for iPad." This document provides a checklist of items for site developers that will ensure the user experience with Safari on iPad is optimized.

Does the iPad support/play Adobe Flash?

No, Mobile Safari on the iPad will -- like Mobile Safari on the iPhone -- not support or play Adobe Flash content.

This was first revealed, surprisingly enough, during the announcement of the iPad when Steve Jobs visited a web site during the demonstration that contained Flash content, resulting in the appearance of the "missing plugin" icon.

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Adobe: No Flash on Apple iPad

For a brief moment during Steve Job's demo of the Apple iPad we all glimpsed the infamous "missing plug-in" icon on the New York Times website. It seems that Mobile Safari, even on a more formidable device than the iPhone, will continue to lack Flash.

Apple iPad no flash

Apple has cited battery life and security issues as reasons why the popular plug-in never made it onto the iPhone. Now Adobe has posted a response to Apple's similar position regarding the iPad.


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