Microsoft Office for iPad Coming in November

Microsoft could be releasing an iOS version of its popular Office suite later this year. A source at BGR echoes previous reports that an Office app for iOS devices is in the works. Microsoft denied last year's rumors, despite leaked photos of the iPad app in action.

Microsoft Office iPad app

The latest information indicates that Microsoft plans to launch the mobile office suite in November. This comes just one month after Apple is widely expected to release the sixth generation iPhone this October. The source at BGR claims to have already seen the Office app running on an iPad.

Microsoft Office App for iPad Coming Soon

Microsoft is developing an iPad version of its popular Office suite for release sometime in 2012. According to a report in The Daily, the apps would likely be comparable in price to Apple's competing products Pages, Keynote and Numbers selling for $10 each.

Microsoft Office iPad app

Apple's productivity tools are designed to optimize use of the iPad touch screen, with redesigned menus and functionality for editing presentations, spreadsheets and text documents on the mobile device. With the iPad dominating tablet market share, it seems Microsoft is jumping into the fray to get a piece of the action.

Can iWork / Numbers on the iPad open and/or save Microsoft Excel (.XLS) files?

Numbers, iWork's spreadsheet application can import Microsoft Excel files but cannot save them.

Outbound spreadsheets in iWork can be saved in either Numbers or PDF format, but not Microsoft Excel format (.xls).

However, Numbers spreadsheets created on the iPad can be uploaded to iWork.com where individuals on either a Mac or a PC can view them.

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Can iWork / Keynote on the iPad open and/or save Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT) files?

Keynote, iWork's presentation creation and editing application, can import both Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint presentation files. However, iWork cannot save in PowerPoint (.ppt) format. Keynote can save files in either Keynote or PDF format.

PC users can view Keynote-created presentations online at iWork.com, however.

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Does iWork come with the iPad / How much does iWork cost?

There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding whether or not iWork is included as part of the purchase price of the iPad.

Although many people are under the impression that iWork comes pre-loaded on the Apple iPad, this is not the case.

The iWork apps (Pages, Keynote, and Number) will be sold individually in the AppStore for a price of $9.99 each.

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