iTunes Radio

How much data does iTunes Radio use?

iTunes Radio will not automatically switch from a Wi-Fi connection to cellular. You will first need to give the app permission to use data on your plan before you can take it on the road. Once you opt in to let the app use cellular data on your device it will use around 28MB an hour on a 3G/4G data plan. This adds up to 840MB of data for 30 days if you use the service 1 hour a day.

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Where can I download iTunes Radio?

iTunes Radio is available in the stock Music app / iTunes on all devices running iOS 7 or later. You can access iTunes Radio by opening your Music app and tapping the iTunes Radio tab.

iTunes Radio is a free ad-supported music streaming service for all iOS users. Users can create their own radios stations or listen to the already existing ready-to-play stations based on an artist or genre of music. The service offers more than 250 DJ-curated and genre-focused stations.

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How do I disable / enable explicit content on iTunes Radio?

"Explicit tracks" are disabled in iTunes Radio by default. To allow explicit content on iTunes Radio, open your Music app and tap the iTunes Radio tab. Next, select any iTunes Radio station from the available options, and tap the "i" in a circle at the top of the screen to open the options menu. Scroll down until you see "Allow Explicit Tracks" and tap the slider until it turns green. This will allow you to listen to explicit tracks on all iTunes Radio stations.

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