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Bye, Bye iPad 2: Apple Discontinues the Second-Generation Tablet

In a unsuspected move today, Apple has discontinued the iPad 2 and replaced it with the fourth-generation "iPad with Retina display". The Cupertino company also launched a more affordable 8GB version of its iPhone 5c in the UK. Now we know why most of the major retailers have been offering so many discounts on both the second-generation tablet and 16GB iPhone 5c.

iPad 2

The iPad 2 was originally unveiled on March 2, 2011, and has occupied Apple's entry-level tablet slot since being replaced by the iPad 3 a year later. However, the introduction of the iPad mini with Retina display at $399 has made the 9.7-inch second-generation tablet obsolete, forcing Apple to finally put it out to pasture.

Walmart, Target and Best Buy Really, Really Want You to Buy a New iPhone or iPad

The Apple price wars are really starting to heat up between Walmart, Target and Best Buy. Walmart has topped Best Buy's current iPhone sale by dropping the price of the iPhone 5s from $145 to $119, and by reducing the iPhone 5c to only $29. You can even save more money by trading in your used electronics through Walmart's Gadgets to Gift Cards program.

iPad Deals

Beginning March 9, Target is offering a minimum of $150 for used iPad 2 models, according to Techno Buffalo. Target's iPad 2 trade-in deal begins one-day after Best Buy's $200 iPad trade-in deal expires, and it includes a bonus $30 Target gift card for anyone who participates. Target is also accepting used iPhone trade-ins until March 22.

iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c

Now that the dust has settled from Tuesday’s big Apple announcement, how does one decide between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c?

It all really boils down to size, performance and what you want out of your iDevice.

The 5s has an Apple 7 processor versus the 5c’s Apple 6 processor. This means the 5s is faster, with a larger storage capacity. For example, the 5s can hold up to 16,000 songs as opposed to the 5c which holds a maximum of 8,000. Although they both come with iOS 7, the 64-bit A7 is roughly 40% faster than the 32-bit A6. It can do almost twice the work in the same amount of time with twice the power.

iPhone 5s vs. iPhone 5c

Both products have an 8 megapixel camera, but the 5S has slow-motion video recording, automatic image stabilization, and a dual white and amber flash which creates better color temperature and picture fidelity.

New Video Allegedly Shows Partially Assembled iPad 5

More alleged iPad 5 parts have leaked online in a new video posted by Mac Otakara. The video supposedly shows a partially assembled iPad 5. We've previously seen leaked images of the rumored next-generation iPad's back panel, but this is the first time anyone has seen it assembled with the front panel. The back panel in the video also features a different looking Apple logo than the previously leaked images.

Apple is expected to announce the fifth-generation iPad along with the iPhone 5S and rumored low-cost iPhone 5C next month. Previous rumors also suggest that Apple could launch a non-Retina iPad mini 2, followed by a Retina display version in early 2014.

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