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How to enable Wi-Fi Calling on the iPad

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling is great for the iPad since it allows you to make phone calls on your tablet without a cellular connection. You need to be running iOS 9.0 or later to use Wi-Fi calling on your iPad (or iPod touch). Before you get started, check that your carrier supports Wi-Fi Calling. Your iPad must also be signed in to iCloud and FaceTime with the same Apple ID you use on your iPhone. Now you can enable Wi-Fi calling on your iPad. Here's how:

New iOS 6 Wi-Fi Bug Affecting Some iPads and iPhones

Some iPhone 4S and iPad 3 owners are reporting that their Wi-Fi is being "greyed out" or disabled after installing iOS 6. A thread about the issue on the Apple Support forums has already reached 93 pages. Users are reporting that their Wi-Fi settings are either disabled, or that they can't connect and are being forced to use a cellular data connection only. There have also been complaints about the problem affecting Bluetooth capabilities as well.

iPad 3

Early iOS 6 users did suffer from Wi-Fi issues when it was originally launched on September 19, however, Apple has fixed the problem. Two users have replied that Apple is aware of the new issue, but the Wi-Fi complaints are still piling up. The Apple Support thread has over 900 replies at the time of this post.

iPad 3 Owners Complaining About Wi-Fi Reception Failure

The Apple support forums are filling up with complaints about yellow iPad 3 displays, overheating devices and now Wi-Fi reception problems. The newest complaint thread reveals that some iPad 3 owners are experiencing a variety of wireless connection failures.

iPad 3

Some users claim replacement devices have solved the problem while others claim they have not. It's unknown if the problem is person-to-person or hardware related. Hopefully it's just a rehash of the original iPad's Wi-Fi woes which Apple fixed with a simple firmware update.

Sears Says: Sorry, $69 iPad Not Gonna Happen!

I know how Sears feels. When I was younger I worked for a large retail store where people would regularly bring me expensive items and tell me they found them in a dump bin or on the discount shelf. A lot of them cited some fictional law that said I had to give them the discounted price. I spent many wasted hours of my life explaining why people couldn't buy a pair of $100 brand name sneakers for only $10.


Sears is facing a similar headache after they accidently listed the 16GB iPad 2 for $69 on their website. The retail store blamed a third party seller for the mistake, and informed people who bought the discounted device, that they wouldn't be honoring the false sale price after it went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Apple Will Release iPad Update to Fix Wi-Fi Problems

Apple has recognized that a small number of iPad users are having persistent problems connecting and staying connected to Wi-Fi networks. The problem first cropped up with the initial release of the iPad in early April. Two support documents have been issued to help resolve the problem.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi problems

The first support document details steps to improve Wi-Fi performance on the iPad and includes basic information such as "confirm that your Wi-Fi router is switched on." Presumably, this document didn't do much to help struggling iPad users who were experiencing a genuine problem with their iPad connectivity.

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