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Save $40 to $60 on an iPad During Apple's Black Friday Sale

Apple is one of the few retailers holding an actual Black Friday sale on Black Friday. I think Walmart's sale started the day Halloween ended, or maybe that's when they started playing Christmas music in the stores... I can't remember.

iPad Sale

9to5Mac published an early look at Apple's Black Friday sales circular. There are plenty of discounts on MacBooks, various Apple accessories and the iPad. The image is kind of blurry, but it looks like you can save $40 to $60 on an iPad depending on the capacity. (16GB, 32GB, 64GB).

Review: ClayWare Pad Bracket iPad Wall Mount

The Pad Bracket from ClayWare Games is a simple but useful plastic bracket that easily mounts the iPad to walls. Pad Bracket ships with two screws and matching plastic anchors for use with specific wall types. The product consists of one specially designed unit that is light and sturdy in black plastic with silver screws.

Apple iPad Mount ClayWare Pad Bracket hardware

Installing the Pad Bracket is a snap. All it takes is a screwdriver, however you may want to level out the Pad Bracket after you get one screw fastened. We noticed the silver screws don't match the Pad Bracket, so some people installing the iPad mount might want to pick up different color screws.

First Look: ClayWare Pad Bracket iPad Wall Mount

ClayWare Games has launched their Pad Bracket, a simple but useful plastic bracket that instantly mounts the iPad to walls. The product ships with two screws and matching plastic anchors to attach the Pad Bracket in your desired location. The iPad can be placed on the wall in portrait or landscape orientation and all of the buttons and ports are accessible.

Here are some first look photos of the Pad Bracket. We'll be installing and testing the Pad Bracket so keep an eye out for our full review coming soon!

Update: Check out our full review of the ClayWare Games Pad Bracket.

modulR iPad Case System: A First Look (Lots of Photos)

We've been awaiting the arrival of the modulR case system since we first featured it back in late March. modulR is an innovative case system that allows a single iPad case to be used with a variety of accessories to achieve a number of different functions. Coupled with its accessories, the modulR case can function as an iPad stand, an iPad wall mount, an iPad swivel arm mount, and an iPad car mount (though the accessory providing the latter two features aren't yet available).

modulr ipad case system 3a

modulR arrived in our offices late last week, and a busy weekend prevented us from getting a first look until this morning. That said, we got to spend a bit of time with the modulR case, the modulR Quick Stand, and the modulR Slim Mount this morning. We've put together a quick first look for those of you who also have had your interest piqued by the modulR system.

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