iPad Troubleshooting

Why won't multitasking work on my iPad?

Only select models of the iPad running iOS 9.0 support Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. You see a list of what devices support what multitasking features here. Third-party apps also have to be updated with iOS 9 multitasking support for the features to work.

Here are a few popular apps that have been updated with multitasking support:

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How do I increase the storage capacity on my iPad / iPhone?

There is no way to "increase" storage on your iPad or iPhonoe, but you can clean up your device to make room for more photos and apps. Apple has made it easier to do this by adding a "Storage & iCloud Usage" section in the Settings app. This section will inform you how much storage you have used and how much you have left. Just navigate to the General section in the Settings app and tap the Storage & iCloud Usage tab to access the information. From here you can also tap the "Manage Storage" option to see a breakdown of which apps are taking up the most storage.

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How do I fix the not enough disk space error on iPad?

If your iOS device is giving you a "There is not enough disk space to continue..." error, the storage space is full. You will need to clear space before taking anymore photos or video with your device.

You can do this by deleting photos or videos you have stored on your camera roll, removing music or deleting apps.

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How do I put my iPad into DFU mode?

Sometimes your iPad will not be recognized by iTunes for a restore, or boots to a blank screen. DFU mode might be necessary to reinstall the iPad firmware. To enter DFU mode:

1. First run iTunes on your computer.
2. Now plug the iPad into your computer with the USB cable.
3. Press and hold down the sleep/wake (power) button and the home button at the same time.
4. Hold them down for 10 seconds.
5. Release the sleep/wake button but continue to hold down the home button for 5 more seconds.

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How can I force quit an iPad application?

Sometimes an application will become unresponsive on the iPad. To force quit the application follow these steps:

1. Hold down the sleep (power) button until the "slide to power off" screen appears.
2. Release the sleep button and immediately press and hold the home button.
3. The application will quit after the home button is held down for around 6 seconds.

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