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iPad Battery Saving Tips for iOS 7.1

With every new iOS release comes new complaints about battery drain, but it is hard to know if any of these accusations are actually true. However, iOS 7 and 7.1 do include a lot of unnecessary features that do drain your battery. Here's a few iOS 7.1 features you can disable to get more life out of your iPad or iPhone.

iPad iOS 7 Settings

Turn off Background App Refresh, Auto Downloads and iOS 7 Parallax Effect

iOS 7 introduced a lot of new and interesting features, but a lot of these are a huge drain on your battery and not important to some users. You can start saving battery power by disabling Background App Refresh. This feature allows some apps to refresh their content while running in the background. This does require battery power and can be one of the reasons why your device seems always seems to be low.

You can disable this feature by navigating to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and then tap the slider so it turns white or OFF. You can also selectively turn off certain apps from this panel while allowing other to continue searching for updates. This will also reduce the strain on your battery since your device will be searching for less updates.

Four Tips to Get the Most Out of Flipboard

Flipboard is a great way to get your daily news and social-network updates in the same place. The iOS app features an easy to use aggregated magazine-format that keeps you updated on a plethora of topics. The app also offers the ability to easily share news stories, videos and images, and it allows users to create their own collections of content to read later. Here's how to get the most out of Flipboard on your iOS device:

Flipboard Tips

Create your own "Magazine"

Flipboard version 2.0 added the ability to create "Magazines". Magazines are just a folder where you can store your favorite articles under your own created categories. To create a "Magazine," just tap the + button at the bottom of any article and then tap the blank "Create Magazine" box. You can then add your own Magazine title, description, category and choose to share it with your friends or to keep it private. This is a great tool for saving articles that you want to read later.

How to Put Your iPad In and Out of Recovery Mode

Most iOS software or app problems can be resolved by rebooting your device, however, in some circumstances it is necessary to put your iPad or iPhone into recovery mode. Here's how to put an iPad or iPhone into recovery mode in iOS 7 if your run into trouble.

iPad Recovery Mode

1. Make sure you have a USB cable to connect your iPad to your computer and that you have the latest version of iTunes installed.
2. Hold down the sleep/wake button on your iPad until you see the red "slide to power off" slider. Swipe to the right to turn off your device.
3. Connect your USB cable to your computer and iPad while holding the down Home button.
4. Release the Home button when you see the see the recovery image on your display (see above).

How to Protect Your iPhone or iPad After It's Lost or Stolen

The WSJ reported today that out of 47,000 grand larcenies in New York City last year 8,465 involved Apple products. Since iPhone theft is on the rise, the NYPD created a YouTube video teaching New Yorkers how to activate the Find My iPhone feature on their devices. This is also a good idea for any iOS owner in any part of the country. Here's how to enable Find My iPhone and Activation Lock on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

New York City iPad Theft

Apple added Activation Lock in iOS 7. The new feature allows you to wipe all the data on your iOS device after it is lost or stolen. You will need to know your Apple ID to wipe your data or recover it, in case your device is found. You can learn how to manage / reset your Apple ID here.

How to Stop Receiving Notifications from Games on Your iPad

A lot of new people have joined the Apple ecosystem after receiving either an iPad or iPhone for the holidays. This means a lot of new iOS owners are just discovering how annoying it is to receive constant notifications and reminders from games and apps that they've downloaded. Here's an easy way to silence all games and apps on any iOS device.

iPad Tips

Just navigate to Settings > Notification Center and scroll down until you locate the app you want to silence. Tap the game or application's tab and turn off the Notification Center slider, or just select "None" under Alert Style.

iOS 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for the iPad

Third party iPad keyboards are not only a great way to free up space on your iPad or iPad mini's display, but most of them offer full-size keys and iOS shortcuts to make life much easier. And now with iOS 7, Apple has added the ability for developers to add these shortcuts to stock apps like Safari, Mail, and Pages. Not every OS X shortcut is available on iOS, but a few Apple bloggers have taken the time to sniff out what is available. Here is what they found using an iPad mini and a Logitech Tablet Keyboard.

Apple Command Key


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