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Apple Patent Shows Smart Cover that Relays Notifications

A new patent application filed by Apple today describes an "Integrated Visual Notification System for an Accessory Device." In other words, an iPad case that will transmit visual notifications might be in the works.

Apple files patent application for smart Smart Cover

The text of the application basically describes several possible methods of having an iPad case light up to notify the user of new messages, emails, battery warnings, game notifications, calendar events and so on. The device depicted looks the same as a Smart Cover, having a magnetic three panel front flap that both protects the screen and serves as a stand when opened and folded over. The contents of those three panels are what sets the proposed cover apart.

Why won't my iPad case work with the new iPad (iPad 3)?

Some iPad 2 Smart Covers from third party manufacturers will not work with the new iPad. The third generation iPad has a slightly different magnet configuration that may prevent the iPad from sleeping/waking with the third party case.

Even older official Apple Smart Covers might not work with the iPad 3. Those manufactured in October 2011 or later should work fine. Apple has switched the polarity of the sleep/wake switch magnet, to prevent this from being activated accidentally by another magnet.

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Will the iPad 2 Smart Cover work with the new iPad (iPad 3)?

UPDATE: Apple slightly changed the Smart Cover design in October 2011. The magnet that controls the sleep/wake function has been reversed in polarity to prevent accidental triggering of the switch. If your Smart Cover is older than this, it may not work with the new iPad. There are reports of Apple Stores exchanging non-working covers for customers but this has not been confirmed.

The 3rd generation iPad is designed to use existing Apple Smart covers. Yes, the Smart Cover you currently use on the iPad 2 works just fine on the new iPad 3.

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Save $40 to $60 on an iPad During Apple's Black Friday Sale

Apple is one of the few retailers holding an actual Black Friday sale on Black Friday. I think Walmart's sale started the day Halloween ended, or maybe that's when they started playing Christmas music in the stores... I can't remember.

iPad Sale

9to5Mac published an early look at Apple's Black Friday sales circular. There are plenty of discounts on MacBooks, various Apple accessories and the iPad. The image is kind of blurry, but it looks like you can save $40 to $60 on an iPad depending on the capacity. (16GB, 32GB, 64GB).

iPad Smart Cover Too Smart for Own Good

9to5Mac discovered a Smart Cover flaw that allows strangers to access your password protected iPad 2. Thankfully the bug doesn't grant the person complete control over your device, but they could steal your personal information if the conditions are right. The Smart Cover enables someone to bypass your password and unlock the last app you used before turning off the device.

For example, if you were using Contacts before you put your iPad to sleep, a person could unlock your device and access all the information. 9to5Mac recreated the flaw in the video below.

iPad Flaw

Here's how to recreate it yourself. Make sure your iPad is password protected. Lock the device and hold down the power button until it reaches the turn off slider screen. Close and reopen the Smart Cover. Hit the cancel button at the bottom of the screen. You should have access to the last app you used without entering your password.

iPad 2 Orders Being Sent back to China?

Various sources are receiving tips that Apple is recalling certain versions of the Verizon iPad 2. 9to5Mac cited an Apple Store employee who said he's had to send back over 100 tablets already:

"Apple has given all the stores a list of serial numbers to scan, if it’s a match we were told to set aside and ship back to Apple, these are only for Verizon iPads. This was to be done on Monday and continue to scan all shipments thru June 11. I had over one hundred to send back."

Customers who have ordered the CDMA version of the iPad 2 are reporting that FedEx shipments are being returned to the sender in China. Complaints are starting to pile up at the Apple Discussion forums, but Apple has yet to acknowledge any problems.

Will the iPad 2 Smart Cover work with the original iPad (iPad 1)?

Perhaps the most innovative new feature coming with the release of the iPad 2 is the new Smart Cover. By utilizing magnets embedded in the iPad during its unibody construction, the Smart Cover not only provides protection for the iPad's screen, but also auto aligns itself. Additionally, the iPad 2 will wake and sleep as the Smart Cover is opened and closed.

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