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Apple Promoting Discounts During Upcoming Sales Tax Holidays

Towards the end of summer when many parents have to spend money on back to school items, several states hold weekend long sales tax holidays in effort to ease the burden (or promote spending, if you prefer). In anticipation of the upcoming holiday, Apple has launched a promotional page encouraging people to take advantage of the lower prices.

Apple Promotes Sales Tax Holiday

The sale period begins this Friday, August 1, and runs through Sunday, August 3 in all states that have the holiday except for Georgia, where it ends on Saturday. The states involved include:

IDC Predicts Rough Year for Tablets as Sales Slump Industry-Wide

We learned from Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Q2 earnings report last week that iPad sales had slipped 16 percent from the year ago quarter, with a disappointing 16.35 million sales. According to market research firm IDC (International Data Corporation), the drop off in tablet sales affected the industry as a whole and will likely continue over the upcoming year.

tablet sales slump

IDC's analysis (which covers 1Q13 through 1Q14) shows an industry total of 50.4 million sales for Q1 FY 2014, which represents a 35.7% decline from the holiday quarter and just a 3.9% year-over-year growth. The decline in sales was apparent across the board, irrespective of operating system or display size, which "likely points to an even more challenging year ahead for the category." Apple still led the pack in 1Q14, with 16.4 million iPad sales, though this represents a 16.1% decline year-over-year and caused

Find Your New iPad With Apple Tracker

Checking Apple stores to see if the particular iPad model you're coveting is in stock can be time consuming. Luckily there's an online tool known as Apple Tracker to make things easy. The site has added iPad Air and iPad mini Retina display features to its repertoire.

UPDATE: Apple Tracker has pulled the plug on its service after receiving a DMCA takedown notice.

iPad Air Silver

Apple Tracker is set up to determine which Apple retail stores in your area have the iPad in stock. Simply choose the device to track and enter your zip code for results. Each storage capacity, carrier and color can be chosen before the site determines where to find the iPad of your dreams.

iPad Delivery Times Slip as Pre-Orders Sell Out

Not surprisingly Apple's first batch of iPad mini and new iPad models have sold out. Anyone who hasn't already pre-ordered will not receive their tablet on launch day November 2. In fact, ordering an iPad mini on the Apple Store online means a wait of two weeks until the device is available to ship.

iPad mini preorders sell out

The A6X processor iPad with Retina display is also delayed, with shipping times listed at one week. Overall, it took somewhat longer for delivery times to slip when compared to some other Apple device pre-orders including the iPhone 5. Units of Apple's latest smartphone were sold out within hours, resulting in delivery times increasing to weeks on the first day.

Coming Soon: Apple Could Launch $299 iPad

Apple is poised to retain its dominance of the tablet market worldwide, and one leak of information after another is streaming out of Asia to reveal glimpses of what's next. Reports of more than one iPad model on the horizon are not new, however DigiTimes research indicates there could be three tiered models coming early this year.

iPad 2 side view

The flagship model iPad 3 would be a high-end device featuring an updated screen with Retina-like resolution and top specs, including a next generation A6 mobile processor. A second tier A6-equipped iPad would feature the same insides however with a display matching the resolution of the iPad 2, which would reduce the price. Here's the kicker:

Apple Drops Refurb iPad Prices to New Low

Looking for a deal on the iPad or iPad 2? Bargain hunters can rejoice now that Apple has slashed another $100 off the prices of selected refurbished iPads in the online store. Special limited time prices are the lowest yet, with a 64GB Wi-Fi only original iPad going for just $399.

That's a full $300 off the original retail price. Similarly, the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad with 32GB of storage is running $399, saving $330 off of the price at launch. For an extra $100, you can purchase a 64GB refurbished Wi-Fi + 3G iPad, putting the total at $499. Last year's iPad models aren't the only ones for sale at discount refurbished prices.

Target Discontinues iPad 2, New Model Coming Soon?

The possibility of an iPad 3 launch later this fall is not a new concept. Reports as early as February claimed Apple would try to get a jump on the competition by launching an iPad 3 before Christmas. More evidence has appeared that seems to corroborate this claim.

Apple iPad 2 Target discontinued

If the screenshots of Target inventory computers found by TiPb are real, then the massive retail chain has already discontinued the iPad 2. Retail associates speaking to the blog claim that none of the current iPad models are slated to be ordered by the company going forward.

Sears Says: Sorry, $69 iPad Not Gonna Happen!

I know how Sears feels. When I was younger I worked for a large retail store where people would regularly bring me expensive items and tell me they found them in a dump bin or on the discount shelf. A lot of them cited some fictional law that said I had to give them the discounted price. I spent many wasted hours of my life explaining why people couldn't buy a pair of $100 brand name sneakers for only $10.


Sears is facing a similar headache after they accidently listed the 16GB iPad 2 for $69 on their website. The retail store blamed a third party seller for the mistake, and informed people who bought the discounted device, that they wouldn't be honoring the false sale price after it went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Parts Shortages Reduce iPad 2 Shipping Forecasts

Shipping times for the iPad 2 are down to 1-2 weeks on the Apple Store online. This may better than 4-6 weeks for consumers, however the extended delays experienced since the iPad 2 was launched have caused analysts to reduce their Apple sales forecasts. IHS iSuppli now expects Apple to deliver 39.7 million units including all iPad models in 2011.

iPad 2 short supply

Their previous estimate was over nine percent higher at 43.7 million units. Other analysts aren't as optimistic. JPMorgan and Merrill Lynch both reduced their annual estimates slightly however the forecasts are much lower, coming in at 27.3 million and 26.4 million units respectively.

Toys R Us Retail Stores Now Carry the iPad 2

For those who have complained that the iPad is "just a toy" the latest retailer to carry Apple's tablet will bring a chuckle. Toys R Us has jumped on the bandwagon and now offers the iPad 2 at select stores nationwide, along with iPad cases and accessories. The complete list of Toys R Us stores carrying the iPad 2 is available online, however this is no guarantee that the product will be in stock.

Toys R Us selling iPad 2 retail

Apple still lists a 2-3 week shipping time for the iPad 2 when purchased online in the Apple Store. Toys R Us joins retailers Best Buy, Radio Shack, Target and Walmart along with wireless carriers AT&T and Verizon in offering the tablet computer.


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