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10.5-inch iPad Pro Reviews

10.5-inch iPad Pro

Apple announced the 10.5-inch iPad Pro one week ago at WWDC 2017 in San Jose, California, and the early reviews are in. The consensus seems to be that the new iPad Pro has made a big step forward in the tablet category, but is a bit pricey for the average user. The biggest critic of the new iPad Pro so far is The New York Times who says the 10-inch tablet falls short of being a replacement for the PC.

iOS Game Review: Doctor Life - A Medical Simulation Game With Zeros IAPs

Finally, a simulation game where you don't have to wait 24 hours to perform one task!

Doctor Life from Wigu Games Studio challenges you to transform a failing medical clinic into a multistory hospital by building your reputation as a doctor. The game looks a lot like Tiny Tower, but instead of waiting around and doing nothing, you must diagnose and treat patients to earn enough money so you can expand your building and keep your clinic stocked with medical supplies.

Doctor Life

Doctor Life doesn't screw around. It immediately throws you into the fire and forces you to quickly learn the symptoms and treatments for many diseases and medical problems. The controls are simple to learn, but the game requires a lot of concentration, speed, and memorizing to master. Here's how it works...

Review: Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for iPad

The Acme Made Skinny Sleeve has a sleek look and protects the iPad from dings and scratches. The sleeve is made with shiny StretchShell neoprene, which repels water and stains. The Skinny Sleeve comes in white and black and fits the iPad like a glove.

Acme Made Skinny Sleeve iPad case review 1

This case is incredibly thin even though it's solidly padded, perfect for tossing the iPad into a bag or backpack. The Acme Made logo is subtle and is pictured here in silver on black. There are no zippers or snaps on the Skinny Sleeve. Nothing interrupt the simple, polished look of the case.

Review: Mivizu Primo Leather Case for iPad

The Mivizu Primo Leather folio case for iPad has a compact, stylish design that protects the tablet without a whole lot of extra bulk. The first thing we noticed after opening the Primo Leather was soft, textured black leather and high-contrast white stitching. The front panel of this case is firm to protect the screen, but still flexible.

Apple iPad Accessory Mivizu Primo Leather Case Photo 1

The folio opens much like a leather-bound book, with a strong magnetic clasp. This clasp provides security while remaining easy to open and close. Thanks to the slim profile of the Primo Leather there's not much inside the case besides a slot for the iPad itself.

Review: Acme Made Slick Case for iPad

Acme Made offers the Slick Case for iPad, designed for complete protection when transporting or using your Apple tablet. The case comes in matte black or gloss white for $39.99. Here we take a closer look at the white version, which does indeed have a sharp-looking glossy finish. Dual zippers wrap around three sides of the case for easy access.

Apple iPad Accessory Acme Made Slick Case Photo 1

The zippers themselves are compact, but have plastic covers that make them easy to pull. The packaging describes Acme Made's exclusive StretchShell neoprene which gives the exterior of the Slick Case liquid and stain resistant qualities. All it took was a damp cloth or paper towel for dirt and water droplets to wipe off and the white, glossy StretchShell looked like new.

Review: Padlette Handle Strap for iPad

The Padlette is a simple silicone rubber handle that quickly installs on the iPad and makes it easy to hold with one hand. Padlette comes in seven different colors: black, green, pink, grey, yellow, orange, and glow-in-the-dark blue. Here are photos of the yellow version along with its recycled paper packaging.

Apple iPad Accessory Padlette Grip package

Review: M-Edge Journey Bag for Apple iPad

The M-Edge Journey Bag is a portable, stylish messenger bag specifically designed to transport and protect a bare iPad along with accessories. When closed, the bag is compact and sleek. An external flap covers zippers and connects with a hidden plastic latch in the center of the bag.

Apple iPad M-Edge Journey Bag Review 5

Plastic latches also connect the adjustable strap to the bag. The strap is removable, although there are no handles attached to the bag for carrying without the strap. Opening the flap requires lifting the flap and reaching under to unclip the latch. This looks sleek but the process is slightly more difficult than if the latch was located on top.

Review: Hard Candy Squish Skin iPad Case

The aptly-named Squish Skin iPad case from Hard Candy Cases is molded from silicone rubber and features air-filled chambers surrounding the edges and back of the iPad. You can see the structure of this flexible, soft case before it's placed on the iPad.

Apple iPad Hard Candy Squish Skin Case Review 1

The head designer at Hard Candy says Squish Skin was modeled after a Wii remote case, which makes sense. The silicone ribbing on the interior of the case gives this product a similar feel, very grippy and jelly-like with plenty of cushioning around the edges.

Review: Worth Ave. Group iPad Insurance

After dropping several hundred dollars on an iPad, most users will be interested in protecting their device. Apple's tablet is designed to go anywhere, however this also means a high level of risk for breakage, theft and even water damage. The obvious way to protect the iPad is to purchase a case or cover, however this is not a full-proof solution.

The included iPad warranty from Apple will protect against manufacturing defects, but AppleCare doesn't cover broken touch screens, vandalism or theft. Statistics show that most tablet and laptop computer failures are due to physical damage.

Apple iPad Insurance Worth Ave Group Logo

Worth Ave. Group provides insurance policies to cover a wide variety of adverse events that could happen to your iPad, including theft. AppleCare will not cover any damages from handling, much less damage from fire, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes or lightning strikes.

Review: SquareTrade iPad Insurance

Well you've just spent between $499 and $829 for your iPad, how can you be sure your investment is protected in the event of an accident? Apple's tablet is extremely portable, which also means exposure to the elements and a constant risk of breakage in transit. The included iPad warranty from Apple will protect against manufacturing defects, but AppleCare doesn't cover cracked screens or water damage.

Statistics indicate that most tablet and notebook failures are due to accidental damage. SquareTrade, a licensed insurance provider, offers iPad protection that fully covers accidental damage from handling (ADH), among other things. The company has been in business since 1999 and has sold millions of warranties.

Apple iPad Insurance SquareTrade Logo

According to SquareTrade, "drops, spills, water damage, battery failures or any other failures from normal use or accidental damage" are all covered under their plans. This is the key difference between SquareTrade's insurance and other coverage options such as AppleCare.


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