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Apple launches international Smart Keyboards in Arabic, Spanish and more

Smart Keyboard Arabic

Apple has launched several international Smart Keyboards for both the 12.9- and 9.7-inch iPad Pro models. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the new keyboards offer a variety of localized layouts including British English, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian and Arabic. Customers are now given the choice between "US English" or the language of their respective country when shopping on supported Apple websites. The new language option is located under the Size option on the iPad Pro checkout page.

9.7-inch iPad Pro gets its own Create keyboard from Logitech

Logitech Create 9-inch model

Logitech was one of the first accessory makers to release a keyboard case for the original iPad Pro. The Logitech Create was launched on the same day as 12.9-inch tablet, and it was built with input from Apple themselves. Logitech took a little longer to get around the 9.7-inch iPad Pro model, but starting today the Create keyboard is now available for both models.

The Create backlit keyboard case for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a lot like its predecessor. It features Smart Connector support for easy charging and no more Bluetooth syncing. The keyboard includes mechanical scissor keys with built in iOS shortcuts, and easy controls for adjusting volume and performing other tasks. Other features include an integrated Apple Pencil holder, all-around protection from bumps and spills and optimal key depth for laptop-like typing.

Apple pulls iOS 9.3.2 update for 9.7-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro

Apple on Friday pulled iOS 9.2.3 for all 9.7-inch iPad Pro models after complaints about a bug affecting some modes began to pile up on support forums and messgage boards. 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners who did not already update will no longer have access to the update or be prompted to download the new software. This makes iOS 9.3.1 the latest available version to all 9.7-inch iPad Pro owners not currently running iOS 9.2.3.

Apple told iMore that they are aware of the problem and currently working on a fix.

iOS 9.3.2 bug reportedly crashing some iPad Pro models

iPad Pro

A lot of iOS users are reporting issues with their 9.7-inch iPad Pro models on the Apple support forums and other Apple-related message boards. User camhabib wrote on the Apple forums, that his/her two-day old iPad Pro 9.7 has rebooted twice while in use.

"In the middle of using it, it will cut to the Apple logo on the black background for a minute before returning to the passcode screen. Oddly enough, it will accept Touch ID in place of a passcode, something it doesn't usually do when it loses power."

Logitech launches new iPad Pro Smart Connector charging stand


Accessory maker Logitech has given both Mac Rumors and 9to5Mac an early preview of their Logi BASE -- an iPad Pro charging stand for both the 9.7- and 12.9-inch models. The Logi BASE uses the iPad Pro Smart Connector to charge your tablet without the need of cables.

The stand is made from high-grade aluminum and it features three Smart Connector pins that fit into the Smart Connector Port on any iPad Pro, plus it includes a Lightning port situated in the middle of the stand. The Logi BASE allows you to charge your iPad in landscape mode while delivering the “perfect viewing angle for enjoying apps and entertainment," according to Logitech. A plastic lip on the front of the stand holds your iPad in place and a sticky adhesive on the bottom prevents the charging dock from slipping on slick surfaces.

DisplayMate: 9.7-inch iPad Pro features 'best performing mobile LCD display'

iPad Pro

DisplayMate pitted the 9.7-inch iPad Pro against its predecessor the iPad Air 2, and decided that the new tablet features an "excellent top tier display." Even though the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 share a lot of the same specifications, DisplayMate discovered that the Pro is "more than 20 percent brighter than the other current iPads." It also includes two color gamuts that deliver "color accuracy that is visually indistinguishable from perfect."

Speck launches new lineup of 9.7-inch iPad Pro cases

Speck Products 9,7-inch iPad

If you have upgraded to a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro then it may be time to invest in a new case. Luckily for you, accessory maker Speck Products has launched several new useful cases for Apple's latest tablet.

The StyleFolio Pencil is protective case with built-in Apple Pencil storage system and inkwell. The case allows you to stash and protect your Apple Pencil when you're on the move, and the inkwell provides an easy way to stand and quickly access your stylus when using your iPad. The $100 Apple Pencil is not cheap, so you do not want to risk forgetting it behind or causing damage while transporting it. The StyleFolio Pencil case also provides protection for your iPad, and it features a built-in stand for using your iPad in multiple angles.

9.7-inch iPad Pro earns same repairability rating as iPad Air 2

iPad Pro Teardown

Apple's new iPad Pro model has earned a Repairability Score of 2 out of 10 from iFixit. This puts the 9.7-inch model at the same repairability level as the iPad Air 2, but lower on the scale than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which earned a 3 out of 10. The low score is due to "gobs of adhesive" that hold everything into place and a "fused front panel," which make the 9.7-inch iPad Pro more "difficult" to repair. iFixit also noted that the Smart Connector port "is virtually impossible to replace—but incorporates no moving parts and is unlikely to fail."

iPad Pro coming to MLB in new Apple deal

MLB Logo

Apple has struck a deal with Major League Baseball to provide every major team with an iPad Pro this season, according to the Wall Street Journal. Teams will use the 12.9-inch tablets in the dugout to track stats, analyze matchups and more. The deal comes after the MLB lifted a ban on all smart-devices and laptops in dugouts for the upcoming 2016 season.


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