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The iPad mini Rumors Won't Go Away

The Korea Times claims LG Display is going to meet with Apple in the next few days to talk about producing a 7.35-inch display for the rumored iPad mini. This latest rumor corroborates an earlier story from UMD, who reported LG and AU Optronic sent samples of a 7.85-inch display to Apple for approval back in October.

iPad mini

The smaller display will reportedly feature the same resolution as the iPad 2, and will be Apple's answer to the smaller more affordable tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble nook. A recent survey revealed 44 percent of tablet shoppers are considering buying the Kindle Fire over the iPad 2 this year. And 46 percent of UK iPad owners said they didn't believe they were getting their money's worth, because they hardly use the device at all.

Is Apple Working on a 7-Inch iPad?

The iPad mini rumors are starting to pick up steam again. On Monday, analyst Brian White told investors he believed Apple would launch a "lower entry-level" iPad in 2012. White said the name "iPad mini" didn't reflect the size of the new iPad, just the price. White is most likely referring to comments made by Steve Jobs in 2010. Jobs said 7-inch tablets would be useless and dead on arrival when asked about a possible 7-inch iPad.

iPad Mini

Apple may have changed their minds about 7-inch tablets after Amazon's new affordable Kindle sold so well. On Tuesday, UND reported LG Display and AU Optronic sent samples of a 7.85-inch display to Apple for approval. The rumored tablet is said to have the same resolution as the iPad 2.

Let the iPad Mini Rumors Begin

Apple fans might not be ready to hear this news, but the recent HP TouchPad fire sale and the new Amazon Kindle have brought about a transformation in the tablet market. A lot of people view tablets as a luxury, not a necessity, and they're not willing to shell out $500 for an "oversized iPhone." The iPad may be great for business and working on the go, but the Kindle Fire is perfect for people looking to kill time at the airport or entertain their children. A tablet doesn't need all the bells and whistles for people to play Facebook games or color on Dora the Explorer.

iPad Mini

All these reasons are why it would make sense for Apple to release a lower entry-level iPad in 2012. After talking with Taiwanese and Chinese component suppliers, Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White thinks that's exactly what Apple plans to do. White believes Apple will release the iPad mini in the first few months of 2012.


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