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Gameloft's Free RPG 'Dungeon Gems' Now Available on the App Store

Gameloft's free RPG, Dungeon Gems, is now available on the App Store. The official App Store description calls it a "fast-paced puzzle" game with "strategic RPG-style party management". The game features a match-three battle system where players use their finger to link colored runes to unleash attacks. Matching three of the same colors results in a normal attack, while matching three differently-colored runes sparks a multi-element attack.

Dungeon Gems

The game also features the ability to power up your characters so you can "evolve them into new legendary forms", 220 warriors for you to summon, and a multi-player option where you can team up with other players to defeat your enemies.

Wikipad Announces First iPad mini Gaming Controller

Wikipad has launched Gamevice.com for its new full spec MFi controller. The company originally announced that the portable controller would be available for Android and Windows 8 devices, but according to the website it only supports the iPad mini. This makes the Gamevice the first iPad mini-only controller released since Apple added MFi support in iOS 7.

21.5-inch iMac

The Gamevice features all the standard bells and whistles as other iOS controllers on the market. It is equipped with dual analog sticks, a D-pad, four action buttons and shoulder buttons. It comes in two separate pieces that cradle your iPad mini when attached.

All Halfbrick Games Are Now Free on the Apple App Store

Halfbrick Studios' entire iOS gaming library is now free on the Apple App Store. This includes popular titles like Fruit Ninja and Age of Zombies. It is unknown if this a limited time deal or if Halfbrick has decided that freemium is the way to go. Here's a list and quick description for each game.

Halfbrick Studios

- Fruit Ninja HD: (Fruit Ninja for the iPhone and iPod touch) This is one of the original App Store hits with millions of downloads. The simple game tasks you with destroying as much fruit as possible.

- Age of Zombies: Play as the "tough-as-nails" commando named Barry Steakfries as you blast zombies, ninjas, mummies and more...

- Jetpack Joyride: The 2012 Apple Design winner, Jetpack Joyride is a side-scrolling endless runner. The game was voted Best Action game of 2012 by Touch Arcade and Overall Game of the Year by Pocket Arcade.

Rovio Teams Up With Hasbro to Launch an Angry Birds Transformers Mash-Up Nobody Wanted

Hot on the heels of its free RPG title Angry Birds Epic being released to the App Store, Rovio Entertainment announced today that Angry Birds Transformers is coming soon to iOS devices. The announcement was also made only a few weeks before Michael Bay's fourth movie Transformers: Age of Extinction lands in theaters on June 27.

Angry Birds Transformers

The Birds/Transformers mash-up will include tie-in products and "telepods", just like the last time Rovio teamed up with Hasbro for their Star Wars-themed game. "Telepods" are Skylanders-like interactive toys that players can purchase separately and use to unlock certain characters inside the game. Rovio promises that the game will "appeal to those who grew up with the brand in the 80s," but it is hard to believe many 40-year-old men will be clamoring for Autobird and Deceptihog dolls.

New iPad Games of the Week: Broken Age, Blood & Laurels and More

Here are the most noteworthy games released for the iPad through 06/08/14 to 06/14/14. Apple's Free App of the Week is ReadQuick. This app will be free on the App Store until 06/19/14. In case you missed the memo, Angry Birds Epic, a free RPG game based on Rovio Entertainment's hit franchise, was released for all iOS devices this week.

Broken Age

Broken Age ($9.99) - The first title from Tim Schafer (The Secret of Monkey Island) in 16-years, Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game that follows two teenagers named, Vella Tartine and Shay Volta. Act 1 of Broken Age is available now on the App Store, and Act 2 is set to launch as an in-app purchase in the future. Here's the synopsis from the official App Store description:

Worms Creator Releases New Free to Play Game for the iPad and iPhone

The developers behind the hit PC game Worms are back with yet another simple, but addictive, title for iOS devices called (R)evolve. The game is now available for free on the App Store. In (R)evolve, players must spin a planet to protect its evolving life from a constant bombardment of meteorites.


Life on the tiny alien planet begins with one seed and eventually develops over time as you survive each wave. For example, your seed will grow into little person who eventually invents defenses against the meteorites. (R)evolve is the perfect game for people who enjoy simple but challenging games like Flappy Bird.

New iPad Games of the Week: Linkin Park Recharge: Wastelands and Democracy 3

Here are this week's iPad only releases for 06/01/14 to 06/07/14. Click here for a complete list of universal apps, games and jailbreak tweaks released to the App Store and Cydia this week. Apple's Free Game of the Week is Republique. The game will be available for free on the App Store until 06/12/14.

Linkin Park Recharge

Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands ($2.99) - The '90s rock band Linkin Park has released a 3D shooter called Wastelands for the iPad. The game gives fans exclusive access to the first single of the new album "The Hunting Party" due mid-June.

Panzer Tactics Remake Now Available on the Apple App Store

Sproing Interactive's turn-based strategy game Panzer Tactics has been remade for the iPad by bitComposer Games. The original title was released to the Nintendo DS in 2007. Panzer Tactics HD is a World War II tactical game where players can control either the Soviet Red Army, the German Wehrmacht or the Western Allies in three separate campaigns. The initial $4.99 download fee nabs you the single-player German army campaign. The other two campaigns featuring the Soviet army and Western Allies can be purchased separately as in-app purchases.

Panzer Tactics HD

The full version of Panzer Tactics HD features 33 historical missions, over 150 sea, land and air units for you to command and 33 heroic officers to motivate your troops. The original game was met with mixed reviews due to its sloppy multiplayer modes, but its single player campaigns were mostly praised by video game critics. The iOS version of the game promises to deliver an intense battle simulation where "mistakes are mercilessly exploited and punished".

New iPad Games of the Week: Demons vs Fairyland HD and More...

Here are this week's most noteworthy iPad games released to the App Store between 05/11/14 to 05/17/14.. Click here for a complete list of new iPhone Apps and Games also released this week. Apple's Free App of the Week is the hotel booking app Kayak Pro. The app will be free on the App store until 05/22/14.

Demons vs Fairyland HD

Demons vs Fairyland HD ($2.99 for the HD version, $0.99 for the iPhone version)

If you love demon babies and hate fairies then this is the game for you. In Demons vs Fairyland you must summon an army of skeletons, zombies and other monsters to stop the fairies from stealing your children!

Fingerlab's Atom Run Now Available for the iPad and iPhone

Fingerlab, who is more known for its music related apps, has released its first platformer for iOS devices. Atom Run takes place in the year 2264 where all human life has become extinct. The world is now ruled by robots who have gone crazy after being exposed to radiation. You control Elgo, the only sane robot left, as he tries to collect atoms and molecules to create new life.

Atom Run

Fingerlab describes the game as an "action-adventure fast paced platformer" with "precise and intuitive commands". The game features an original score by french electronic artist KingQ4, and it is available in several languages including French, English, Italian and Spanish. The game also includes third-party controller support and Game Center support.


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