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Sons of Anarchy Will Live on as Interactive iOS Game

Sons of Anarchy will live on after its seventh and final season wraps up on FX tonight. Orpheus Interactive has teamed up with Fox Digital Entertainment to develop an iOS game based on the hit television show. The game, titled Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect, will be an interactive episode-based title, like Telltale's popular Walking Dead and Game of Thrones series.

Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect

Fans of the show will be able to explore an entire new story involving another chapter of the infamous Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. The game promises to deliver the same "treachery, graphic action, intrigue and life and death decision making" that fans have come to anticipate from the show. Kurt Sutter, the creator of Sons of Anarchy, even tweeted that that the game is "pretty f**king awesome.“

Disney Infinity 2.0 Announced for the iPad and iPhone

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the sequel to its popular console game Disney Infinity is coming to iOS devices this holiday season. Disney Infinity 2.0 features Marvel Superheroes plus "Disney Originals" such as Donald Duck, Bay Max and the fan requested Tinker Bell. The mobile version of the game has been built using Metal, Apple's new iOS 8 programming software, which gives it console-like graphics and allows for multiplayer gameplay. The game will also be available for the iPhone for the first time.

Disney Infinity 2.0

Disney Infinity is an action-adventure sandbox title where players can purchase individual Disney figurines to interact with the video game. A Disney Infinity Starter Set that includes the game and everything you need to play retails for $75. The sets are available for all the major consoles including the older PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The individual characters retail for around $15. You can see a complete list of Disney Infinity 2.0 characters here.

Pokémon TCG Online for the iPad Updated with XY: Phantom Forces Support

The Pokémon Company today has updated its iPad version of Pokémon TCG Online. Version 2.24.0 of the game adds support for the Pokémon TCG XY: Phantom Forces expansion, the XY Trainer Kit—Bisharp and Wigglytuff 2-player set. This means players will be able to use Trainer Tokens to purchase 5-card Phantom Forces booster packs within the app. Players will also be able to redeem codes found in all three physical versions of the expansions to unlock digital versions of those decks.

Phantom Forces

Pokémon TCG Online was released for the iPad on September 30, 2014. The iOS version is a port of the popular online version with the same name. Players can use their Pokémon Trainer Club account to save their decks to use on both the iPad and desktop versions. Pokémon TCG Online is also one of the first official iOS games released by a Nintendo subsidiary. It was followed by a release of Camp Pokémon, the first Pokémon designed specifically for iOS devices.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation Finally Lands on the U.S. App Store

Collectible card battling games are quickly becoming the new endless runner for the iPad. It seems like everyone and their brother are releasing one these days. The latest comes from Konami, who has just launched Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation to the U.S. App Store after soft-launching the game in Canada. Early reviews say the iOS version captures the essence of the original card game and is a lot like the Nintendo DS version.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation

The official App Store description promises that Duel Generation is beginner friendly, and that it features over 6,000 cards to collect, weekly challenges and both offline and online play. Players can battle characters from the animated TV series in single mode, or take on other Yu-Gi-Oh fans from around the globe.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense Now Available for the iPad

DeNA's free-to-play Star Wars game is now available for iOS devices. Star Wars: Galactic Defense is a tower defense title where players can choose to play as either the light or dark side. The game features pretty standard tower defense game play, where players have three towers and one champion to defend their base. Players can also connect with Facebook to exchange resources with their friends.

Star Wars: Galactic Defense

The game includes all the standard Star Wars characters such as Han Solo and Yoda. You begin the game with Luke Skywalker as your champion and can unlock others as you advance through the game. There are a total of 18 Rebel and 18 Galactic Empire champions to unlock.

Goat Simulator Now Available for the iPhone and iPad

Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator has landed on the Apple App Store one day before its announced September 18 release date. The simulation game was created as a joke but became a viral hit after some early game play videos were posted to YouTube. Sine then the game's first official trailer has received over 7 million views. Goat Simulator was released to mix reviews on Steam on April 1, 2014 and now it is available for iOS devices.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator features the "latest in goat simulation technology" which allows users to live out their fantasy of being a goat. The game is played from a goat's perspective as players try to do as much damage as possible in a open world. Players can wreck havoc by bashing and licking things, and earn points by performing goat stunts.

Surgeon Simulator Developer Teams Up with Amplify to Teach Algebra Skills

Twelve a Dozen is the first of several educational games that education start-up Amplify plans to release this year. The New York-based company creates digital K-12 educational products for parents and teachers, and it plans to release 30 iPad games for students this October. Amplify has teamed up with the developer Bossa Studios Ltd to release its first game that "help students build key algebraic skills," according to their website. The pairing is kind of an odd match since Bossa Studios' previous games include Surgeon Simulator and Deep Dungeons of Doom.

Twelve a Dozen

Twelve a Dozen is a puzzle-platformer that follows the heroine named Twelve and her companion Dot, a living decimal point voiced by British actress and comedian Lucy Montgomery. Twelve and Dot must use addition, subtraction, division, multiplication to solve puzzles and save Twelve's family after disaster hits her home town Dozenopolis.

PSA: Bioshock Coming to U.S. App Store Tonight

2K Games has released Bioshock to the New Zealand App Store, which means it should be available on the U.S. App Store around 11EST tonight. The game is $18.99 and it is only compatible with the iPad 4 or later, iPad mini 2, iPhone 5 or later and iOS 7.1 or later. It is rated 17+ and weighs in at 1.65 GB. Here's the official New Zealand App Store description:

Bioshock iOS

"One of the greatest first person shooters of all time, Bioshock comes to iOS!"

"Bioshock is the 'genetically enhanced' first person shooter where you can turn everything into a weapon: the environment, your body, fire and water, and even your worst enemies."

"You are a cast-away in Rapture, an underwater Utopia torn apart by civil war. Caught between powerful forces, and hunted down by genetically modified 'splicers' and deadly security systems, you have to come to grips with a deadly, mysterious world filled with powerful technology and fascinating characters. No encounter ever plays out the same, and no two gamers will play the game the same way.

Escape from a WW2 Prison Camp in Stalag 17 for the iPad

Stalag 17 is a new strategy title for the iPad based on the relatively unknown 2011 board game which bears the same name. In the iOS version players must help their comrades escape a WW2 prison camp by collecting items found on their individual escape plans. To win the game, a player must help three of their prisoners escape before the POWs from other countries also fly the coop.

Stalag 17 Game

Stalag 17 was released to the App Store with zero press by an unknown developer named Silver Apps. The only other game created by the studio is the Google Play title called Fearless Fighter. Little is known about Stalag 17 Game (official iOS title) but you can read more about the table top version at Board Game Geek. Pocket Tactics did give the app a quick spin and came to the conclusion that it is a "good" game with a "fantastic" concept.

Pac-Man Friends Lands on the App Store

Bandai Namco today has released its newest mobile Pac-Man title to the Apple App Store and Google Play. Pac-Man Friends was originally announced alongside Bandai Namco's new collectible card game, Outcast Odyssey, and its mobile port of Pac-Man Championship Edition DX at San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago.

PAC-MAN Friends

Bandai Namco describes the game as an "original arcade-style action-puzzler". As the title suggests, Pac-Man Friends features all your favorite characters from the franchise, plus 95 levels across seven different worlds. The goal of the game is to rescue 8 of Pac-Man's friends from Ghosts’ Castle while trying to avoid Pinky, Inky and its other ghostly inhabitants.


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