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Microsoft's iPad Competitor to Weigh 2 lbs and Cost $900!

I guess if journalist keep calling every new tablet an "iPad Killer" they will eventually be right, but it's hard to believe a 2.0 lb / $900 tablet is going to be the one that dethrones Apple. Especially when smaller and more affordable tablets, like the Nexus 7 and iPad mini, are so popular with consumers these days. However, Microsoft swears the Surface Pro is much better than the Surface RT -- which was met with negative reviews and even more abysmal sales.

iPad Killer

The Surface Pro's biggest selling point is that it’s going to actually run a full version of Windows 8. It will also be available in 64GB or 128GB models, and feature 4GB of RAM, an Intel Core i5 processor with HD4000 graphics, and a 10.6-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution. So its basically a $900 touchscreen laptop instead of a tablet.

Amazon To Announce New Tablet September 28?

Amazon sent out invites to a press conference in N.Y.C. on September 28th. We assume the media event is being held to announce their new and improved Kindle type tablet. This new device is Android's last hope to compete with the iPad.

The 7-inch tablet is rumored to look like the BlackBerry PlayBook and to feature a backlit color capacitive screen. The press has been quick to crown many devices "iPad Killers" in the past, but Amazon hopes to succeed where the others failed, by offering deeply integrated services like the Kindle app and the Amazon Cloud Player for a cheaper price. They're also rolling out a skinned version of Android to distance themselves from Google.

Amazon tablet

The HP TouchPad fire sale proved people will ignore the iPad if the price is right. Amazon has the weapons to offer plenty of material like movies, books and music, but the question is can they deliver a decent slate for such a cheap price?

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