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Microsoft kills Word Flow Keyboard for the iPad and iPhone

Word Flow Keyboard

Microsoft will no longer support its Word Flow Keyboard for iOS. The keyboard was created by Microsoft’s Garage research team to offer Apple users an alternative way to enter text on their iPad and iPhone. The keyboard included several interesting features, such as the ability to type with one hand and a more advanced auto-correct.

The keyboard's Microsoft product page currently reads "the Word Flow experiment is now complete." It also redirects visitors to the SwiftKey Apple App Store download page.

How do I change my iPad keyboard from lowercase to uppercase in iOS 9.

Installing iOS 9 will change your iPad keyboard from all uppercase letters to all lowercase letters. The change is from Apple adding a San Francisco system font to iOS devices. You can switch back to an uppercase format by opening the Settings app on your device and navigating to General > Accessibility > Keyboard. From here just tap the "Show Lowercase Keys" slider so it is in the OFF / WHITE position. Now your iPad keyboard will look like it did before you switched to iOS 9.0.

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How do I add a third-party keyboard to my iPad?

iOS 8 allows iPad and iPhone owners to replace Apple's stock keyboard with third party keyboard apps. To install a third-party keyboard on your iPad you must first download an app such as Flesky from the App Store. You will then need to navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards and tap the "Add New Keyboard..." panel to add the app to your device.

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How do I create my own word shortcuts on my iPad keyboard?

You can create your own word shortcuts on the iPad keyboard by following the directions below. You can click here for a list of stock and third-party iPad keyboard shortcuts such as "⌘T to open a new tab".

To create your own word shortcut (e.g. Typing "LOL" translates into "Laugh out loud"):

1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
2. Tap the "Shortcuts" panel
3. Tap the blue + button in the top right hand corner
4. Type the phrase you want to use (Laugh out loud)
5. Type the shortcut (LOL)

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How do I disable the predictive keyboard on my iPad?

Apple introduced QuickType, a faster more predictive keyboard, in iOS 8. One of the biggest changes is a word suggestion feature that learns how you type and attempts to predict a word before you finish typing. This is a great feature, but some iPad owners may find it distracting if they're not used to using it. Luckily you can disable the predictive keyboard feature in iOS 8 by navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard. Just tap the "Predictive" slider so it turns white / OFF and this will disable the feature.

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Save Up To 70% on Zagg iPad Accessories

Popular accessory maker ZAGG is holding a three day Father's Day sale for its iPhone and iPad accessories. You can save up to 70% on iPad and iPad mini keyboards, Bluetooth speakers and iPhone cases. The sale begins on June 4, 2014 and ends on June 6, 2014. Here are a few examples of what's on sale the next few days.

iPad Mini Keyboard

iPad mini Keyboard: Only $30 (normally $100) - While any external keyboard makes typing easier on your iPad mini, Zagg promises you will love its "unique hinge" system that allows you more viewing angles than the competition. The keyboard cover features a reversible reading option for when you're not typing, backlit keys and Bluetooth support. Zagg also claims that its mini keyboard is "one of the thinnest keyboards available" on the market.

Belkin QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air Now Available

Better late than never, the Belkin QODE Thin Type keyboard case for the iPad Air is now available through Belkin.com. The case's lightweight (12 ounces) and thin design (4 millimeters) adds very little bulk to your tablet. It is made of unibody anodized aluminum and it features "smart sensing technology" that wakes your iPad when it is needed.

Belkin QODE Thin Type

The keyboard includes easy to use TruType keys and function-specific keys for copying and pasting adjusting volume and so on. The case also holds your iPad at about 35 degrees to give you a laptop-like typing experience. Other features include Bluetooth support and a promised 79 hours of active battery life.


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