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New iPad and iPad Mini Coming in Q3 and Q4

That's right iPad fans. Both the 9.7-inch iPad and the iPad mini will be refreshed with improved hardware before the end of this year. DigiTimes issued a report breaking down production and release dates for both Apple tablets in the works. Sources include Taiwan-based supply chain manufacturers, who claim the iPad mini 2 will not achieve volume production until November 2013.

iPad mini 2013

It's not clear whether or not the next generation iPad mini has been postponed due to component shortages or if Apple is looking to boost full-size iPad sales ahead of the revamped iPad mini launch. The fifth-generation iPad is expected to enter mass production starting in July, with the product hitting shelves during the third quarter of this year. The photo above from CiccareseDesign is an artist's rendering of the iPad mini 2 and redesigned iPad 5 side-by-side.

iPad 5 to Feature Thinner Display, New Tech

The iPad 5 could be delayed as Apple works on improving the technology in its next generation tablet. A report from CNET points to a thinner display that will reduce the side profile and weight of the iPad 5. Switching to a film-based touch sensor and smaller LED backlights would also improve power efficiency.

iPad 5 thin display

Apple is widely expected to duplicate the iPad mini design on the next full-sized 9.7-inch tablet, shrinking the bezel thickness on the device. Despite rumors, Sharp's IGZO display may not be included in the iPad 5. Any move to reduce the display component thickness could bring the next generation iPad back down to a size more comparable to the iPad 2.

Apple Launches 4th Generation iPad on Nov. 2

Apple has updated its flagship iPad tablet computer yet again, only six months after refreshing the hardware. The 4th generation iPad will appear similar to the previous version, with most of the upgrades improving the insides.

iPad 4G new updated

One notable exterior change is the switch to Apple's Lightning connector, first released on the iPhone 5. The connector provides quick transfer speeds and a smaller profile, as well as reversible cables with higher durability.

iPad Mini 4G Slate Aluminum Parts Leak

Parts photos of the upcoming iPad Mini have leaked directly from a factory in Asia, according to UkranianiPhone.com. Although this contradicts reports that the iPad Mini has begun assembly in Brazil, the pictures show some familiar design features we've seen on recent Apple products.

iPad Mini aluminum chassis

These include a unibody aluminum chassis in slate with Apple logo markings on the back similar to the iPhone 5. Much like the iPod touch 5G and iPhone 5, the headphone jack is located at the bottom of the device near the speaker ports. The iPad Mini is expected to launch as early as November 2, with a smaller front bezel and thin profile like the latest iPod touch.

Massive iPad Prototype was Rejected by Steve Jobs

Ten years ago, Apple was working on a tablet computer known as 035. Luckily, Steve Jobs didn't like what he saw and he rejected the project before it saw the light of day. The original iPad prototype circa 2002 was not a slim, powerful device like the iPad of today. In fact, the device was three times thicker than the iPad 2 at just under one inch.

iPad prototype comparison

With a 12-inch display and no home button, the prototype clearly out-sized and out-weighed current iPad models according to photos appearing on BuzzFeed. Battery life and touch screen sensitivity must have also been sub-par 10 years ago, leading Jobs to shelve the project for later. Even though Apple was initially studying touch screen tablets, Jobs decided to make the iPhone first and the rest is history.

iPad Prototype Sells for $10,200 on eBay

Good thing this iPad comes with free shipping. An eBay listing for an original iPad prototype sold for a cool $10,200 after 23 bids. Aside from 16GB of storage, the unreleased device features two dock connectors.

ebay prototype iPad

At one time, Apple was considering a dock connector for the landscape orientation as well as the mass-produced single connector seen today. Both of the dock connector ports are fully functional on this prototype.

New iPad 2 Gets Better Battery Life

Thanks to a smaller 32-nm die shrink of the A5 iPad 2 processor, the device consumes noticeably less power. MacRumors points out that the iPad2,4 has been used as a test bed for next generation chip processes. In contrast, the iPad 3 A5X continues to be produced using a 45-nm process.

iPad 2 better battery life

The new iPad 2 models have identical performance characteristics, however they clock battery life of 15-30 percent longer than their 45-nm cousins. The iPad 2 is now available new from Apple for $399, although older 45-nm stock is still being sold.

Nothing is Wrong With Your iPad 3 Battery

Now that the new iPad has been put through its paces, there have been reports that iOS 5.1 is not accurately reporting battery charge percentage. ZDNet has even said the battery algorithm is "busted" while other reports have warned against overcharging the device. For those who are worried about damaging their batteries, rest assured that the iPad is not destroying its own battery.

iOS battery iPad 3

First of all, every iOS device will report a 100% charge while leaving room to spare. This keeps the lithium-ion batteries optimized. The iPad 3 battery is massive, clocking 42.5-watt-hours compared to the iPad 2's battery at just 25-watt-hours. As a result, iOS may be reporting the new iPad battery as fully charged when in fact it's only at 90% capacity.

New iPad Comes Equipped With Bluetooth 4.0

Lost in all the hoopla surrounding the new iPad Retina display is the fact that the third generation iOS tablet comes with Bluetooth 4. Although this feature has been somewhat overlooked, the addition of the latest and greatest Bluetooth technology to the iPad is significant. Apple's iPhone 4S, launched in October, was the first smartphone to support the new standard.

Bluetooth 4 logo

Now that the iPad 3 has Bluetooth 4 what does this mean? The latest Bluetooth is dubbed Smart Ready, which means that wireless devices in the pipeline are going to be capable of connecting with the iPad using much less power. Bluetooth Smart will broadcast data in low-power radio mode, making the technology perfect for things like security sensors, key fobs, watches and heart rate monitors.

Some iPad Retina Displays Appear Yellow

As with every mass produced product that hits the market, every once in a while something goes wrong. Apple is no stranger to screen issues over the years, with some units of the original iPad suffering from backlight leaks and the iPhone 4 shipping with discoloration due to wet glue. Now that the third generation iPad has shipped, some users are reporting a overly yellow hue on their tablets.

iPad Retina display defect

Side-by-side comparisons of the iPad Retina display have revealed a slightly warmer tone in the higher resolution display. Most have commented that the Retina display is an incredible improvement that must be seen to be believed. Not only this, but the higher resolution is said to reduce eye strain when compared to its predecessor.


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