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Retro iPad Arcade Cabinet to Become Reality

Are you a fan of classic arcade games? ThinkGeek fooled everyone last April with their mock-up of the iCADE retro iPad gaming cabinet, complete with a quarter slot and Donkey Kong. Turns out that Ion Audio is partnering with Atari and ThinkGeek to offer the real thing for $99.

Apple iPad iCade ThinkGeek Bluetooth retro gaming cabinet

A great-looking Bluetooth tabletop arcade cabinet, the iCADE was showcased at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with a specially developed iPad version of Asteroids. The top of the unit lifts up and any iPad drops right into the unit. Joystick controls and buttons connect wirelessly to the iPad for a tactile gaming experience.

CES 2011: iPad Gamers Get Real Joystick With Fling

Ten One Design is known for its iPad stylus, the Pogo Sketch. Now they've added a whole new accessory to their arsenal, an actual touch joystick. This simple unit attaches directly to the iPad screen with suction cups.

Apple iPad Accessory Ten One Design Fling touch joystick

You can place the Fling anywhere a directional controller is required, and it instantly makes a physical joystick to enhance iPad gaming. Made of clear plastic, the Fling tactile game controller even comes in discount packages of two.

Review: Need for Speed Shift on the Apple iPad

A proper racing video game should keep you on the edge of your seat. Welcome to Need for Speed Shift on the iPad from Electronic Arts. Besides high-quality graphics, the gameplay in this mobile version of the NFS franchise provides hours of engaging contests and levels set in Chicago, London, and Tokyo.

A total of 28 cars can be customized to your liking and driven on 18 different tracks. Your performance in career mode determines how much prize money you can spend on upgrades, and tracks and cars are unlocked as your driver advances through levels and earns badges.

Review: Avatar for iPad

You may have heard about a little movie called Avatar. You know the 3D flick about an evil corporation depleting the natural resources of a beautiful planet occupied by giant blue people with kittycat faces running around in loin clothes. It changed movie making and has spawned some crumby 3D movies since. Well, this game is not quite the same. It is about a different human guy turning on his own people after realizing how wrong they were. He also gets into the native culture and falls in love with it, yadda yadda yadda...

Review: Brothers in Arms 2 HD for iPad

Brothers in Arms 2 is a First Person Shooter game set during World War II. The game was originally released for the iPhone and has been optimized and punched up for the iPad. You do battle in five different WW2 theaters: Pacific, North Africa, Sicily, Germany and Normandy. If you have ever played the Call of Duty series, BIA is more than just reminiscent of those.

Brother in Arms 2 HD Review

World War II was a horrid event, but it sure does set the stage for some great battlefronts. You are compelled to kill different enemies; but mostly, it is a whole lot of Nazis. I found myself speaking in that weird accent Brad Pitt used in Inglorious Bastards. There aren't many bad guys you won't feel guilty pretending to kill, but the Nazis fit the bill.

Review: Tetris for the iPad (EA)

Tetris: still great after all these years.

Tetris for iPad is an optimized/juiced-up version of the game available on the iPhone. It will cost you $7.99 to buy.

First of all, everyone loves Tetris. If you don't love Tetris, you are more likely than not some sort of weirdo. I mean even communists love Tetris. They invented it after all. These were people who had to wait in line to buy toilet paper and paid massive markup prices for a pair of Levi's Jeans on the black market. I mean these poor people needed something to cheer them up. I can imagine that the epilogue to Rocky IV would have shown a shamed, depressed and exiled Ivan Drago playing Tetris to cheer himself up. Yes, I bet that mean, juiced-up, killer of Apollo Creed turned to Tetris for solace.

For many people, their first experience with Tetris was the free version on their first generation Game Boy. Others might have been directed to it by their cubicle neighbors. Imagine the massive number of productive work hours lost to the game. One of the unique and fantastic things about the game is its diversity of gamers: kids, grandparents even non-gamers love Tetris.

Review: EA's Command & Conquer: Red Alert for iPad

Command and Conquer is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game optimized for the iPad. This was one first games offered when the iPad was released. The main game and subsequent expansion packs from the iPhone version have been included. You can play as one of three factions: Soviet/ Russian, Allied/U.S. or Rising Sun/ Japanese.

It seems the game developers are big time feminists and feel that, in the military, attractive women should be giving the orders. There is no shortage of hot babes telling you what to do. The skeptical side of me feels like they were just looking for the "Hooters effect", a way to lure poor innocent and lonely gamers. Admittedly, I've never served in the military, but I was surprised that the uniforms displayed so much cleavage.

You have to love the fact that EA decided to bring the Soviets, the international bad guys pretty much every 80's action movie was based on, back to power and prominence. I missed them. You pretend you are trying to bring down the evil empire of dreaded socialism (although you do play as them sometime which makes you feel like traitor). As I was playing I was having regular flashbacks of the great 80's film Red Dawn.


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