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How do I disable suggested apps in my iPad Dock?

Apple expanded the capabilities of the iPad Dock with the release of iOS 11. iPad owners can now store up to 15 apps or folders in their Dock and access it anywhere on their device. The Dock also includes up to 3 suggested apps based on recently used apps, location and Continuity. This means apps you recently opened on your iPad or other connected devices, such as your iPhone or Mac, will also appear at the end of your Dock. You can toggle both suggested and recent apps by navigating to via Settings > General > Multitasking & Dock.

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LaunchPort Brings Wireless Charging to iPad 2

Less cables and more convenience is on its way to the iPad 2 thanks to a new charging and mounting solution from LaunchPort. The PowerShuttle comes in black and white to match the iPad 2, as serves as an exterior case. The magic happens when the PowerShuttle is coupled with a charging station.

Launchport wireless iPad charging

Two different stations are available, the WallStation and a BaseStation. These are magnetic iPad 2 mounts that connect wirelessly to the PowerShuttle, mounting the tablet. Not only this, but the device begins to charge immediately when it's magnetically attached to the station.

Go Apple Retro With the iStation iPad Dock

The iStation dock is the latest iPad accessory to reinvent a piece of Apple's design history. The iPad rests on top of the iStation, connecting to its internals via Bluetooth. A removable wireless keyboard is included, resting securely in the bottom of the iStation.

iStation retro iPad dock

When installed, the iPad serves as the display screen, and the whole contraption resembles a typewriter or a retro computer. In fact, the setup has a stunning resemblance to the 1980 Apple III. Don't take our word for it, check out the photo below.

Who Brings Their iPad Grocery Shopping?

Sure some people might keep a shopping list on their iPhones, but how many of you can't leave the iPad at home? A London grocery store is testing out shopping carts (known as trolleys in the UK) with built-in iPad docks on the handle.

grocery cart iPad dock Sainsburys

Not only this, but the docks have speakers for audio and integrated solar panels with batteries for recharging the iPad. The pilot program is a partnership between the Saintsbury's chain of grocery stores and broadcaster Sky. For its part, Sky is promoting its Sky Go app, which makes it possible for iPad users to watch 32 channels of live television.

iPad 2 Display Dock Brings the Apple Store Look Home

For those who have an iPad 2 and enjoy the look of Apple Store docks for their devices, the iPad 2 Display Dock provides a solution. Apple recently unveiled acrylic displays in every retail store anchoring iPads to sales displays so that customers could get information interactively.

iPad dock acrylic

This version from NewPCGadgets not only holds your iPad 2 and provides a slot for the charging cable, it can also provide storage space for two iPhones or iPod touch devices. This accessory is made from high-quality clear acrylic that is custom milled and hand polished for that sleek Apple look.

iPad Dock

The iPad Dock is a charging dock similar to the Keyboard Dock, but without the keyboard. The iPad connects to the dock and rests in a vertical position. The dock includes an audio jack for external speakers and a rear 30-pin connector. When the iPad is docked, the 30-pin connector can be used to connect to an electrical outlet with the USB Power Adapter, sync to a computer, or use other accessories such as the Camera Connection Kit. The iPad Dock will cost $29.

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