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How can I check the cellular data usage on my iPad?

iOS 6 added the ability to see how much data you consume on a monthly basis, and iOS 7 added the ability to track how much cellular data you are using per app. Here's how to check how much cellular data you're using on both your iPad and iPhone.

1. Navigate to Settings
2. Tap the "Cellular" tab
3. Scroll down to "Call Time" to see your current period usage
4. Scroll down for an alphabetical list of all the apps you allow to use cellular data
5. Tap "System Services" for a breakdown of how much data each app such as Messaging Services and iTunes uses

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How can I completely erase all personal data from / reset my iPad?

It is a good idea to wipe your personal data if you're selling, replacing, or trading-in your iPad or any iOS device. You can follow these steps to ensure that your data is wiped so no one can recover it:

1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to back up your data (This way you won't lose your music, apps and contacts, etc, and can install them on a new device later on)
2. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset
3. From here you can choose "Reset All Settings" or "Erase All Content and Settings"

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What is the cost / price of the iPad 2 data plan (Verizon / AT&T)?

Unlike the original iPad, which was limited to AT&T Mobility only, the iPad 2 with 3G will also come in Verizon Wireless models. A variety of data plans are available as detailed below:

AT&T Mobility (GSM)

Plan Data Cap Cost per Month Over limit Activation
Prepaid 250MB $14.99 $14.99 for 250MB On device
Prepaid 2GB $25 $25 for 2GB On device
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Can I keep my original unlimited data plan on the AT&T iPad 2?

Yes, if you are already signed up for an unlimited data plan AT&T will allow you to keep this plan with the iPad 2.

AT&T has confirmed those looking to upgrade their original AT&T iPad Wi-Fi + 3G will not have to switch to tiered data plans, as long as the unlimited data plan has been paid continuously month-to-month and is active when purchasing the iPad 2.

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How do I cancel my AT&T iPad 3G data plan?

You can cancel the auto-renewal of your AT&T 3G iPad data plan at any time. Follow these instructions to cancel your service:

1. On the iPad navigate to Settings -> Cellular Data -> View Account
2. Log in to your AT&T Cellular Data Account with your email and password and touch Next.
3. Select Add or Change Data Plan -> Cancel Plan
4. If you want to reactivate your data plan within 60 days you can select Cancel Plan and Delete Account Later to avoid setting up the account from the beginning.

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Can I use my iPhone 4 data plan / micro-SIM card on the iPad 3G?

No, according to AT&T and Apple. In reality, you can swap your iPhone 4 micro-SIM card into the iPad 3G and use your existing iPhone data plan. Jailbreaking is not necessary, only a willingness to change APN settings and violate the terms of your user agreement.

Follow the steps below to use the iPhone 4 data plan on an iPad 3G at your own risk.

1. Turn off cellular data on the iPad by choosing Settings -> Cellular Data -> Cellular Data -> OFF.

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What is the cost of the 3G data plan for the iPad (US)?

AT&T is the official 3G carrier for the original iPad in the US. Apple has struck what they consider a landmark deal with AT&T to provide service for the iPad.

AT&T offers two 3G service plans for the iPad. Both plans are no-commitment, cancel anytime agreements.

250MB of usage costs $14.99 a month.
2GB of usage costs $25 a month.

Unlimited data usage costs $29.99 a month (these plans have been discontinued, but existing unlimited subscribers can continue to renew their plan unchanged).

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