iPad Competiton

Microsoft Reveals the Surface Tablet

Can this Microsoft tablet make a dent in Apple's iPad sales? The keyboard is built into the smart cover and provides mechanical keys and a multitouch clickpad. Not only this, but you can get the Touch Cover in a variety of exciting colors.

Microsoft Surface launched

When it comes to the Surface itself, this tablet has a built in kickstand and measures just 9.3 millimeters thick. The lite version will run the Windows RT operating system, and will be priced competitively with the iPad. A second model will be more high-powered, with Windows 8 Pro and a thicker 14mm profile.

iPad Competition? Not Yet.

We've all heard the criticisms about the iPad. This was a useless device for Apple fanboys. It's an iPod Touch on steroids. Best Internet experience? It doesn't replace anything. It isn't powerful enough to replace a laptop and it's too big to be as portable as a smartphone. There is no flash, USB, external storage, etc...

However, now that reviews have come out those of us who own one realize all that negative speculation was nonsense. The iPad is a wonderful device and is the future of casual and entertainment based computing. Video looks great, surfing is fast and fun, more and more sites are switching to HTML5, reading books and magazines at once, you can use it as a productivity tool and gaming is great.

There is already talk of competition. A slate device that can do everything the iPad can and all the things it can't. Only one of the items has actually been released.

Fusion Garage joojoo Tablet

Google Tablet to Compete with Apple iPad

Google is working on a tablet of its own, but will it be an iPad-killer? The rivalry between Google and Apple gets hotter every day, and with the introduction of Apple's iAd this week at the iPhone 4 keynote, the two companies look headed to all-out war.

Google Chrome Tablet

The New York Times has confirmed a Google device is in development, and reports that CEO Eric Schmidt will base his tablet on the Android operating system. The company has already had secret discussions with a few publishers to work on delivering content to the future tablet.

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