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ModulR Launches New iPad Case Accessories

The modulR iPad case system has two new additions to make your iPad even more versatile and functional on the go. Two different strap designs are now available for $14.99 each. The nodes on the back of modulR's iPad case make it possible to slide and lock the pressure clips at the end of each strap into different configurations. The first strap was first announced with the original product concept design and is made to sling the iPad over a shoulder.

Apple iPad Accessories modulR hand shoulder straps

The shoulder strap can be set up to hang the iPad over one shoulder like a purse for quick access or flipped behind the back like a messenger bag. Thanks to the adjustable strap and pressure clips the iPad can be hung on the shoulder strap in portrait or landscape orientation.

modulR iPad Case System: A First Look (Lots of Photos)

We've been awaiting the arrival of the modulR case system since we first featured it back in late March. modulR is an innovative case system that allows a single iPad case to be used with a variety of accessories to achieve a number of different functions. Coupled with its accessories, the modulR case can function as an iPad stand, an iPad wall mount, an iPad swivel arm mount, and an iPad car mount (though the accessory providing the latter two features aren't yet available).

modulr ipad case system 3a

modulR arrived in our offices late last week, and a busy weekend prevented us from getting a first look until this morning. That said, we got to spend a bit of time with the modulR case, the modulR Quick Stand, and the modulR Slim Mount this morning. We've put together a quick first look for those of you who also have had your interest piqued by the modulR system.

Review: M-EDGE Platform Jacket for iPad

The iPad and the seemingly never ending quest for the perfect case continue to occupy my time. Hard shell or just scratch guard? Rubber or leather? Some may find this to be a daunting and tedious task. I do not. I am not ashamed to admit to be being a bit of a geek. I mean I spent last weekend installing Linux on an old desk top computer. I had never tried Linux before and was really looking forward to checking it out . I had a great weekend doing it and really enjoyed playing around with it. By the way, I recommend anyone with an older computer they are thinking of retiring try this. The newer versions are surprisingly easy to use and you don’t have to be a total nerd to use it. It reinvigorated my old, formerly Windows, machine. Anyway, when I told some people at work about it, most gave me funny and confused looks. One girl even asked, “What was fun about that?”

M-EDGE Platform Jacket Review

Well the quest continues today as we take a look at the Platform Jacket. M-Edge makes cases for everything. That is their business, so I was excited to review this offering.

Review: Proporta Maya II Sleeve for iPad

Some people like naked iPad use. Who can blame them. Apple did a great job designing this thing. It is quite aesthetically pleasing. It is sleek and thin, just like the commercial says it is. I used to think naked iPad use was a bad idea. Lately, I have softened on that position. I can see the appeal of using it that way. But, unless you are an independently wealthy individual, you want to protect it.

proporta maya II sleeve review 1

On a side note, that iPad commercial where the crazy girl is carrying her iPad naked while riding on the back of a scooter drives me crazy. That is totally irresponsible and stupid. I mean she isn't even carrying it with two hands. That sleek and thin aluminum would slide out of her hands. Then it is bye bye to at least $500.00. I mean who is really going to do that? Paris Hilton, one of those Kardashian chicks, or maybe some other annoying woman who has a show on VH1 or something. Well the rest of us who use the iPad naked need a more practical solution.

Review: Hard Candy Squish Skin iPad Case

The aptly-named Squish Skin iPad case from Hard Candy Cases is molded from silicone rubber and features air-filled chambers surrounding the edges and back of the iPad. You can see the structure of this flexible, soft case before it's placed on the iPad.

Apple iPad Hard Candy Squish Skin Case Review 1

The head designer at Hard Candy says Squish Skin was modeled after a Wii remote case, which makes sense. The silicone ribbing on the interior of the case gives this product a similar feel, very grippy and jelly-like with plenty of cushioning around the edges.

Review: Griffin Flex Grip for iPad

You have an iPad and you love it. You want to get full utility out of it. If you are like me, then you are surprised by how much you use it and how little you use your desktop or even your laptop anymore. You also want to protect the minimum $500.00 you've spent on it. Cases of some sort have become an absolute must. Naked iPad use just doesn't cut it for some users. The iPad has a wonderful form factor, but it needs some help. Holding it in its naked form just isn't good enough.

griffin flex grip ipad review 1

Silicone and rubber have been used to protect things for a long while now. It makes sense. It is soft yet strong. This isn't new or innovative. Remember that Seinfeld episode where Kramer, through his corporation "Kramerica", wanted to use silicone or rubber to protect the environment? He came up with an idea where all oil tankers would be lined with a layer of silicone or rubber. That way if the tanker crashed the oil would still be secured. It was a joke on the show, but I bet those responsible for recent events that have taken place wish they had taken it more seriously and made an effort at implementing it.

modulR iPad Case System: Pricing Announced

ModulR has launched a new website with pre-order and pricing information on their already popular iPad Case and Accessory System. Not only this, but the company has introduced a new option, the Slim Mount.

modulR iPad System Slim Mount

Pictured here, the Slim Mount is a simple wall mount for the iPad that complements the other options in the modulR iPad system. Less expensive and with no moving parts, the Slim Mount is an alternative to the forthcoming Swing Mount that swivels away from the wall. Slim Mount will be available for pre-order in mid-June for $29.

Review: Griffin Elan Passport Folio Case For iPad

By now you've probably had your iPad for a few weeks and are settling into using it and integrating it into your lifestyle. Well... that is, of course, only if you live in these great United States.  Those of you outside of the U.S. still drooling and waiting for your iPad will have to read this review with an eye to the future.   Anyway, you have probably come to realize that "naked" use of the iPad isn't the greatest experience.  I, of course, mean that the iPad is naked not the user.  I can't speak to that other type of experience.  The iPad looks great, but holding it naked isn't comfortable.  If you take your iPad out of the house a lot then carrying it naked can be scary from a protection standpoint.  The good news is that many manufacturers are now coming out with a wide array of cases.

Griffin Elan Passport for iPad Review 0

The Passport is a leather folio case.  I was waiting for one of these.  I have felt that this would be an important item and was what I envisioned carrying my iPad around in.  I like the leather folio image.  Think about it.  Even if you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, if you are walking around with a leather folio, you get some instant credibility.  "Wow that guy must be some sort of important executive.  I mean he's gotta be, he's carrying around a leather thing.  Maybe he is one of those eccentric millionaire types who doesn't go for the buttoned down suit and tie look the 'man' expects." Certain items have this effect.  For example, one of those aluminium-looking briefcases.  Wow, if you see a guy with one of those, you've got to be instantly interested.  Is he a drug dealer, a spy, or some guy paying off a ransom?  These are the sorts of comments from strangers that I strive for and my fragile ego needs.

modulR iPad Case System: First Photos Emerge

Since we first posted news about the modulR iPad case and accessory system way back in late March, we've been eagerly awaiting some new info. modulR is a one-of-a-kind iPad accessory that begins as a case but, when paired with modulR accessories, becomes a wall mount, car mount, frame/stand, and pairs with the modulR shoulder strap.

modulR iPad Case and Accessory System 1

Unfortunately, news out of the modulR camp has been sparse. There remains no exact release date for modulR. modulR and its accessories remain slated for availability come "Summer 2010". Additionally, to date, the only pictures of the modulR case system were actually artist renderings, not actual photos of the product in tangible form.

Earlier today, modulR posted the first real-world photos of their product (one of which is shown above) on their TwitPic account. In total, 6 photos were posted, including 3 of the case/system in usage scenarios and 3 close-ups of the case. The rest of the photos follow this article.

Review: Apple iPad Case (Official)

First of all, I generally dislike cases for my devices. I understand their utility, but I hate the way they often destroy the form factor. My Droid doesn't have a case and neither does my iPod touch. I thought about it several times and took a close look at what was available, but I never could bring myself to do it. They make the devices clunkier and thicker than they should be. Also, not having a case makes me feel like a tough guy who lives dangerously and plays by his own rules.

apple ipad case review

Apple clearly spends a lot of time making sure their form factor is designed in an appealing manner. The iPad is no exception. I love the way it looks, and its dimensions are perfect. I picked up what has been a surprisingly elusive Apple case on release day. I was against it but knew that I planned to travel with my iPad, so I took the plunge. I figured I'd only use it while transporting the iPad. I would then remove the evil thing when I arrived at my destination.


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