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Speck Launches New iPad mini CandyShell Cases

Speck unveiled its new lineup of iPad mini CandyShell cases at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The popular and colorful CandyShell and CandyShell Grip covers both feature Speck's dual-layer design and rubbery interior to protect your iPad from scratches and accidental drops.

iPad Cases

The CandyShell Grip offers the extra protection of rubber handholds to make your iPad easier to hold, especially when playing games.

“The CandyShell design offers both style and protection, which make sense for the smaller, more portable iPad mini,” said Bryan Hynecek, Vice President of Design at Speck. “We’ve also seen a lot of people on the go with the iPad mini, so we felt an easy-to-hold case like CandyShell Grip was a good fit for the way the device is being used.”

ZAGGfolio iPad Keyboard Case Now 20% Off [Deals]

There are a million three-in-one iPad cases on the market, but if you're looking for a case / keyboard combo for your new iPad, Zagg is offering 20% off its ZAGGfolio portable cover.

The ZAGGfolio all in one iPad companion comes in multiple colors and features a durable microfiber lining, a built-in stand and a built-in rechargeable battery. Its thin form factor and removable keyboard also transforms your iPad into easy to carry mobile laptop.

iPad Cases

The cover features convenient access slots for all the iPad's ports and buttons, and the removable keyboard with stand alone iPad dock is Bluetooth compatible. The ZAGGfolio case is available for the second, third or fourth generation iPad, and comes in Metallic Blue, Black Carbon Fiber, Metallic Red, Smart Pink, Smart Orange, White Carbon Fiber or three leather variants.

New iPad Keyboard + Case Combo is Thinnest Ever

Having a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad can be great. Using one that is light, slim and protects the iPad in transit is even better. ZAGG impresses again with their latest iPad keyboard case, the ZAGGkeys PRO. Building upon the success of the original ZAGGmate, the latest keyboard cases are designed to seamlessly match Apple's tablet form factor.

ZAGGkeys PROplus iPad

Built for the iPad 2 and new iPad (3rd generation), the ZAGGkeys PRO features a thin profile only 0.24 inches deep. Constructed of aluminum, when not in use the case magnetically attaches to the iPad protecting the glass screen from damage in transit. Besides weighing less than a pound, the ZAGGkeys case matches the look and style of the iPad, and holds the display up in portrait or landscape mode.

Versatile iPad Case Makes Brushing Your Teeth More Entertaining

Watching the promo video might be slow torture, but the R Case for the new iPad is an interesting accessory. The case is a simple rear skin with two rubber rails which prevents the iPad from slipping off surfaces, and makes it easier to hold with one hand. The rubber rails can also support a bracket for adding many useful accessories. There is a suction-cup for sticking your iPad almost anywhere, or you can add a VESA-compatible mount, which adds a lot more options.

iPad Accessories

The video below shows a lot of interesting ways you can use the R Case, like sticking your iPad to your bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth. I suggest skipping to the 1:30 mark so you don't have to listen to the usual the "iPad is annoying to hold" spiel.

iPad Case Manufacturers Already Selling iPad 2S Cases

Next generation iPad cases have already begun popping up in China. The latest comes from the case manufacturer Chinee, who claims Apple will release a slightly thicker iPad, possibly called the iPad 2S, sometime this year.

iPad 3 Cases

Case manufacturers have already led us astray with the iPhone 5, and now they're starting to contradict each other when it comes to the next generation iPad. An unnamed iPad case designer recently told Cult of Mac that the iPad 3 would be thinner, not thicker. However, Chinee claims to have inside information from sources within Apple’s supply chain. If Chinee is correct, the new iPad will be 1mm thicker than the iPad 2.

Pong iPad Case Diverts Radiation and Improves 3G

Ever worry that your iPad is bombarding you with radiation when connected to a 3G mobile data signal? We're used to hearing about SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) when it comes to mobile phones, however tablets are also regulated by FCC limits. Pong Research has experience developing smartphone cases that divert potentially harmful energy away from the user's body.

Pong iPad Case 3G boost

Now they have launched the Pong iPad and iPad 2 case, to provide the same antenna technology to tablet users. The Pong case diverts radiation away from the user, reducing the SAR by up to 82 percent of FCC limits. The case also provides enhanced 3G connection performance.

Hatch & Co. Launches World's Thinnest iPad 2 Keyboard Case

Looking for an improvement over the touch screen keyboard on your iPad 2 screen, but without the added bulk of carrying around a real keyboard? Hatch & Co. have introduced the SKINNY, an incredibly thin and light solution that protects the iPad 2 while adding an external wireless keyboard. Although the keys are somewhere in between a real keyboard and the virtual iPad display, the keypad clocks in at only 0.07 inches thick.

Hatch and Co SKINNY iPad 2 keyboard case

Not only this, but thanks to its design the SKINNY keyboard is entirely dust and waterproof. Weighing in at 10.4 ounces, this case is on the lighter side even though it provides textured keys to increase productivity when needed. SKINNY comes in stylish white with brown keys or black and gray designs.

iPad Survives 60-Foot Crash Test Thanks To G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case

None of the high school Science classes that I ever attended did any of the fun stuff like you see in the movies or on TV; like dropping an egg from a ladder, or having to take care of an egg like it's a baby. We did dissect a frog once, but someone used a stink bomb in class, and the teacher canceled all future dissections. Not a very effective punishment if you ask me.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case

Maybe that's why this video has me so excited. Imagine being able to throw an iPad off a cherry picker to see what happens. That's exactly what the creators of the G-Form Extreme Portfolio Case did to prove that their iPod case actually protects your device. In a video published on YouTube, the G-Force team demonstrates how a hard and soft tablet case survives a 60-foot drop onto pavement. You can see the results below.

First Look: ZAGGmate Case + Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

UPDATE: The ZAGGmate case/keyboard is also available for the iPad 2.

Although we've been intrigued by the ZAGGmate case and/or case and bluetooth keyboard combo since it was first announced a couple of months ago, we've been a bit lazy getting one into our hands. However, as luck would have it, a ZAGGmate arrived on our doorstep on Christmas Eve. What follows is a brief first look (full review to follow) at the latest iPad accessory from ZAGG, who is most well known for being the creators of the invisibleSHIELD line of screen and body protectors.

zaggmate case and bluetooth keyboard

The thing that initially caught our eye about the ZAGGmate was the design and aesthetics of the case. The most notable thing about the vast majority of iPad cases out there is how un-Apple and un-iPad they are, Apple's official iPad case certainly not excluded. Most cases we've encountered are either made from materials (for reasons specific to their purpose) that preclude them from being considered sleek and elegant or, more commonly, simply fail at efforts to do so -- ending up awkward, bulky or both.

ZAGG Launches ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad Case and Keyboard

ZAGG's latest and greatest iPad accessory the ZAGGmate is now available for pre-order online and will ship on or before December 17th, just in time for the holidays. ZAGGmate was initially released on Black Friday exclusively at select Best Buy stores. ZAGGmate's bead-blasted aircraft-grade aluminum and sleek profile merge perfectly with the iPad.

Apple iPad ZAGG case keyboard ZAGGmate keys

The ZAGGmate comes with or without a keyboard, and packs military grade high-density padding for drop protection when in transit. When equipped with the embedded Bluetooth keyboard, ZAGGmate adds only 1/4 inch to the iPad's thickness when closed. The non-keyboard model is even thinner, adding 1/8 of an inch to the iPad.


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