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Apple nixes iPad camera button

iPad Camera Button

Astro HQ announced on Tuesday that Apple rejected the latest version of its drawing app that contained a new "Camera Button." The developers of Astropad and Luna Display added a feature that transformed the front-facing camera of the iPad into a button that opened a menu shortcut within both applications.

Apple rejected Astropad Studio citing Section 2.5.9 of its App Review Guidelines. This section refers to not altering standard device switches.

Camera+ for iPad updated to version 2.0 with new editing tools and Apple Pencil support

Camera+ 2 for iPad

It has been a long time since the Camera+ app for the iPad has received any updates, but today developer Tap tap tap has officially launched Camera+ 2 for iPad. The photo taking app has finally been updated with a new UI that matches the changes the iPad has seen since iOS 6. The app also now includes the professional photo editing tool, The Lab, which was introduced on the iPhone a few versions ago. Other new features include Apple Pencil and multitasking support.

Where is the Lock screen camera shortcut in iOS 10 or later?

Instead of swiping up on the bottom right hand corner of the Lock screen to quickly access the Camera app, users running iOS 10 or later can swipe left to utilize the Camera shortcut. This is because Apple has drastically changed the Lock screen in iOS 10. Instead of slide to unlock, users now have to use their Home button to access their Home screen. Apple has also added the ability to swipe right to access widgets directly from the Lock screen.

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How do I adjust the focal point on my iPad camera?

When aiming the iPad camera it will automatically choose a focus point for you, but you can also choose your own if need to focus elsewhere. This also comes in handy when there is a lot of movement in the frame of your photo and your auto-focus won't kick in.

To change the focus point of a photo you're about to shoot, just touch and hold on the spot where you want to focus. You can then snap your photo when the yellow rectangle pulses and you see "AE/AF Lock" (auto-exposure/auto-focus lock) appear on your display.

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