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How do I create a Calendar event for a different time zone on my iPad?

All iOS devices come with Time Zone Support enabled by default. This means you will only be able to create Calendar events for the selected time zone on your iOS device, but what if you want to create and view an event in a time zone other than the default? You can disable Time Zone support by navigating to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Time Zone Override. Tap the Time Zone Override slider to OFF / White to disable the default time zone on your device. Your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch will then default to your current clock setting when creating Calendar events.

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Fantastical 2 is now Available for the iPad (and it's 33% off too)

Flexibits designers Michael Simmons and Kent Sutherland have improved upon their award winning calendar app Fantastical, and released Fantastical 2 for the iPad. It was just launched today and it will be available at a 33% discount for a limited time.

Fantastical 2 calendar

While the majority of calendar apps either look like regular calendars that let you enter items in the daily boxes, or have a "list view" format like the built-in iOS calendar, Fantastical 2 offers a "dashboard view" of your events, to do's, and reminders. According to The Verge, Simmons believes "Calendar's traditional month view has been done. There's already an app for that... The whole point was to change and be innovative. The goal of Fantastical is to make a different calendar app." Fantastical 2's dashboard has

Can I turn off iPad calendar notifications / reminders?

Not entirely. You can turn off the sounds during calendar notifications, but there's no option to turn off the reminder entirely. The text will still appear on the screen. To turn off the calendar reminder sound:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> Sounds
2. Touch Calendar Alerts -> OFF

The iPad will now alert you of calendar reminders silently.

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Does the iPad support or read iCalendar / Outlook Meeting Invitations / .ics files?

No. Apple does not have this file format listed as a Mail-supported attachment type on the iPad. Unfortunately this means that double-clicking on the file won't open the calendar invitation.

Users will have to open the .ics attachment using an email client on their Mac or PC, then sync the appointment details to the iPad using iTunes.

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