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iPad Speaker Case Improves Sound w/Portability

External speakers for the iPad come in all shapes and sizes, including stationary docks that boost sound and improve audio quality. After all, the built-in iPad speaker can only do so much. The iMainGo XP takes the concept a bit further and integrates four high-quality speakers directly into an iPad case, for total portability.

iMainGo XP iPad portable audio case

The case is self-powered, with 8 hours of battery power provided on a single charge. iMainGo XP not only protects the iPad or iPad 2, but it unfolds to reveal the speakers and tuned bass ports. Despite its full sound, the case is only 1.5 inches thick and will add just 2 pounds to the weight of your iPad.

How can I set the sound equalizer on my iPad?

The iPad has built-in equalizer presets to improve the sound based on exactly what you're listening to with the iPod app. To set the EQ follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings -> iPod -> EQ

2. Select the equalizer preset you wish to hear. For best results use external speakers or connect your iPad to a stereo.

The equalizer comes with the following presets:

Bass Booster
Bass Reducer
Hip Hop
R & B
Small Speakers
Spoken Word
Treble Booster
Treble Reducer

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Does the iPad have a mute button?

You can quickly mute any sound coming out of the iPad speaker with one button. Simply press and hold the volume down button and the sound will turn off.

To bring the volume back up just press the volume up button to increase the sound.

UPDATE: You can also mute sound on the iPad with the switch above the volume buttons on the side of the iPad. This switch was previously the rotation lock switch. iPads running iOS 4.2 now have rotation lock in the multitasking dock.

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Can I shuffle a playlist / album on the iPad?

You can, but the shuffle feature is harder to find on the iPad. To shuffle songs from your music collection or a smart playlist in the iPod app:

1. Touch the Songs button.
2. Drag down on the list to reveal the hidden Shuffle function at the top of the song list.
3. Touch Shuffle to mix up the tracks. You can reveal the hidden Shuffle function at the top of a smart playlist, too.

To shuffle songs from a single album:

1. Touch the Albums button.
2. Double tap the album you want to hear.
3. Play any song from the album.

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How can I fix my iPad podcasts? The wrong podcast is playing?

Sometimes when you go to play a podcast the iPad will start playing a different podcast than the one you wanted to hear. This happens because the file doesn't have an album name in the metadata.

To fix the problem you have to edit the podcast in iTunes on your computer.

1. Make sure the podcast is on your computer in iTunes (you might have to download the podcast or sync it from the iPad)

2. Select the podcast in iTunes. On the top menu bar click File -> Get Info

3. Click the Info tab. Enter a title in the Album field

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Can the iPad stream music directly to my AirPort Express?

Not as of OS 3.2, no.

The iTunes interface on the iPad is provided by the iPod application. This is not iTunes and has a much more limited feature set.

Whether Apple plans to provide the ability for the iPad to stream music directly to the AirPort Express is unclear, but it seems unlikely, given that this feature has yet to appear on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Logitech Pure-Fi Mobile

Logitech's Pure-Fi Mobile speakers connect wirelessly to your iPad using A2DP (stereo) Bluetooth. With a range of 33 feet (10 m) and dual 2-inch (5.1 cm) active drivers and 2-inch (5.1 cm) pressure drivers, the Pure-Fi Mobile provides quality sound anywhere. Built-in batteries last 12 hours, and a 3.5 mm jack can also be used for input. The unit can even act as a computer speaker, getting audio and power from a USB cable, and includes two built-in microphones. Pure-Fi Mobile comes with a padded carrying case and can be found online for $125.

Did Apple Fail to Mention iPad Stereo Speakers?

Photos of internal iPad components released by the FCC have revealed a few surprises. Official iPad specifications from Apple do not mention stereo audio output, only a "built-in speaker." Further inspection of the teardown photos reveals what is clearly two distinct speakers.

Apple iPad Stereo Audio Output

The parts shown above comprise the speaker assembly, which consists of dual speakers to provide stereo sound. According to ifixit.com there are two small sealed channels that direct sound toward three audio ports in the bottom of the iPad. This is the first time evidence of stereo sound on the Apple iPad has surfaced.

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